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  1. I have a block heater cable, stock unit that came with the car. It has never been used, mint condition.Looking for 60$ I guess, not sure the actual value on these but saw someone selling aftermarket ones for around the same price.I'm in Etobicoke near Mississauga, I also end up in London once or twice a month.
  2. I have sold my Smart and have this item for sale, just over a year old, originally ordered from Smartzuuk @ Mint condition, works great. No box or anything, just the unit itself. I am in Etobicoke, and I end up in London every few weeks. I paid 160 + tax, so I'd like to try and get 130$
  3. 2006 Smart Fortwo Passion EditionSilver Body/Black Panels54,000kmsAutomatic/SequentialA/CPower LocksPower WindowsRemote KeylessAm/FM/CDiPod jack1 set of Rims w/ rubber (great condition)1 set of steelies w/ winter rubber (great condition)Looking to get 9000$ oboLooking to buy a new car soon!PM for details
  4. So should I try to sell it private? Looks like I could get over 9k for it, and that money could go towards the new car...seems like a hard sell though.For IanJay (I think, he has one, right?) what is the real world mileage like on the car, seems you could match what the Smart can do on the highway, that's where I do most of my driving.
  5. Seems like a good thread to field some input...I went to the dealer Saturday, they gave me a quote, and offered to take the Smart, which I still owe 8k$ on. I still see my car (fully loaded minus leather) with 53k on it selling for more than that on auto trader.How do the trade ins work? Should I show them that the car is worth more, and ask for some money off the purchase of the Fiat?I think I may wait until February/March 2012 and see what they offer, new models will be out by then? I just want the cheapest base model.I really liked the 500, not as roomy as the Smart, but the money I save having a more common car with cheaper parts and service, I will end up paying nearly the same price as it's costing me to own this Smart, but I'll have a new car with a warranty. Tough call.
  6. And his point is?Sounds like another overly patriotic American I still see more Kia's and Hyundai's on the road than anything else.
  7. Yeah, I'll have to pull the car apart again :/
  8. But why would it just be off when I hit unlock? I lock it, or turn the headlights on, it's usually working fine.These were new bulbs too, just fresh a few weeks ago
  9. I hit unlock twice, the headlights are supposed to on, but the passenger side doesn't. I hit lock twice, the headlights are supposed to on, they both do. When I drive the car with the headlights on, they both come on (one or twice, the passenger hasn't come on?) I've burned through a few bulbs in the past year since I installed them, am I missing something?
  10. I've buried the needle a bunch on the 401, I've never hit a limiter so I'm sure it goes faster than the advertised max on the speedo (140km/h was it?)
  11. I have 8000k in my car right nowJust bought a shitty cheap set, they work pretty ok, had a ballast die, and one bulb go in the past 12 months thoughCame with grommets, just had to drill out the plastic backing on the headlight, pretty easy stuff
  12. Awesome!Does any have a link/price on the lambo doors for a 450? I would normally think that it's lame but seriously, no one knows anything about these cars, I could convince most people the car came like that haha
  13. Would also like to know, much better than the light grey I have, would trade lol
  14. 80gb PS3Power CableVideo CableIt's the backwards compatible model (fat model)No games or controllers included, just the console with the power cable and video cablesI've completely disassembled, completely cleaned and reflown, works like a charm180$ oboI'm in the GTA, but also drive to London alot so anywhere in between I can most likely meet up
  15. That's Tuesday/Wednesday in London? Bah.