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  1. I too report that my Mensa prefers DieselMax to other brands out there. I have had a smoother running, longer legged vehicle using Husky, as compared to shell, or no name. I am fortunate that I have two huskys right close to where I live, and seem to know where most are in Edmonton area. PetroCan is a close second, but I still have a bad taste about the Cdn Government purchase of this chain from pacific 66 (I know....way too long a memory....what did I have for breakfast? I don't know)
  2. Haven't been on the forum for a long time. Glad there is a get together. I will be there. Its in my calendar. Possibly my GF as well.John
  3. Hi Mike:So far, knock on wood, I have required NO warranty work, other than the obvious air conditioning in prarie climates situation. I did have them replace the belts when they suspiciously delaminated and broke, within 24 hours of the last service. I had been overcharged, so they replaced the belts under the overcharge amount. At these rates, I can afford to drive to Vancouver, and get fast Eddy to do the work, for less. PS I have about 53000 km on little Mensa (its a smart car)John
  4. I am soooo angry right now. I just got back from getting hosed by DMFC in Edmonton. I got the a service done, and they replaced the windshield wipers, and the air cleaner. I asked for the wipers to be done, and I have no problem paying for an air cleaner to the tune of 36.35. My biggest issue is that the A service, not including parts, came to a whopping $270!!! The total bill came to $400 even. When I questioned the price, I was told that that was the cost. I will be talking to the service manager, and Webber, to find out what I should have paid in their eyes.My last service, I was overcharged approximately $100, and it seems as if this has happened again. I will follow up with my answers later.John
  5. So, yesterday, at -27, my vehicle did not start, even though plugged in. The fan worked, the lights on the dash seemed bright enough, and the glow plug light went out, but when I turned the key to 2, nothing, and the lcd showed the key symbol. Anyone know what this might be? Battery? The car is a new, just purchased in April 2006. (so the battery is 2 yars old)
  6. When I was young, our society did very little about drinking and driving, especially in the rural towns. Now, it is much more seriously dealt with, as it should. We may well need to push the agenda of cell phone distraction being a serious impairment to good driving. I, for one, as a bike rider and smart driver, am concerned about the major tonnage being thoughtlessly manouvered down the road.john
  7. Of course, at my age, the hearing is going anyways!
  8. I have driven the cab for all of one month, and have had the top down 23 times. I really like it, and can envision that this will take the place of air conditioning that would have been used some days, in a coupe. I do find the vehicle somewhat noisy at highway speeds, when windy outside. I wonder how it will be during the Alberta winters?John
  9. I totally agree about driving attitudes changing when one learns to drive an 18 wheeler. I got my class 1, and my class 6, and in both cases, the defensive driving improves drastically.John
  10. The change is radical, but it really looks good. Like others have said....its for a good cause. You can still keep the same signon name, for it is the thought that counts, even if the folicles don't cooperate to the speed you want.
  11. Welcome to CsC! It is really great to see that the chair fits the hatch area so well. I can also see why the smart is called oriole. The white wing bars look almost like the silver teridion on your oriole.John
  12. Some people seem to have the idea that if a little bling is good, a lot of bling is just that much better. I get the same reaction when someone wears grills. (sequay to "White and Nerdy")John
  13. Its really short notice, but some of us will be meeting at the Argyle road Boston Pizza at noon Saturday, May 3. (Argyle and 75 st. Take a look at the Canada/Western Canada/Alberta area for smart events.John
  14. Add Jakie, and possibly one more. What Time?John
  15. Poor Agent 86....Poor pocketbook. I hope you get it all back together soon!john