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  1. They're all yours then. Just pm me your address and I'll find out postage.
  2. Cleaning out my office, I came across three of the "bumper bolts" I sold once upon a time. See attached picture, but note that these three don't come with the smaller bolt and I don't recall the size (easy enough to determine). The idea is that you stick this big bolt into the tow bolt spot on your bumper (iirc there is one in the front and two in the back) and then you can attach [something] to your car with the smaller bolt. These are very heavy duty, custom made hunks of stainless steel that were made specifically for the diesel "450" model, but I seem to recall that they also worked for the 451. I'm sorry, but it has been so long that I don't really remember. These are FREE to whoever wants one or more. You just need to arrange shipping (either you have an account or you simply pay me for postage). First post, first served. Let me know. Cheers.
  3. Back when I had a smart car, I bought a Parrot CK3100 bluetooth kit for handsfree cellphone operation. That was for my 2005 diesel. The installation was relatively simple and it worked well. I pulled it out before selling the smart, and its been sitting in a box ever since. I never installed it in my 2008 nor did I ever have the 451's head unit out so I'm not sure if the connections are the same or not. I'm sure that information is easily enough attainable, but the one place I knew to look was and I see he's gone paywall now. Today I rediscovered the kit and thought about installing it in my Honda, when I came to the realization that the wiring is going to be a nightmare since Honda doesn't follow ISO standards (smart does or did). I know I paid > $200 and I see they are still for sale for around that, surprisingly (I would have thought it would be discontinued by now). I was going to thrown it up on eBay, but if someone from "my old haunt" would rather have it, lemme know and we can make a deal. I'd like to get $100, but you'll offer $50 and we'll settle somewhere around $80 There, the hard part is over lol Oh, and if you're quick and happen to be somewhere between Kelowna and Nanaimo BC, I can deliver in the next few days.
  4. I was reading something that u wrote on a forum I have a 06 smart cdi it starts fine but dead pedal no engine light no codes I no nothing about the smart car maybe anti theft and also how do I turn off the anti theft help will be very appreciative 

    1. Eli


      If u could text would be awesome 3069302384

  5. I've got a couple of air filters for the 451 I found in my garage. Brand new. No longer have the car. Free to pick up. I'm in West Kelowna, BC so if you happen to live nearby or are coming through soon... they're hear for the taking. 1555bd73-46c1-46f1-8288-5a6bb46d9bd1
  6. From the main page scroll down to "Market Place", where you'll see classifieds sections as well as vendor sections.
  7. They are rubber.
  8. Thanks! There's a guy up the street with a 450... maybe I'll just give them to him.
  9. I don't know why I can't recall, but... I was cleaning out my garage and came across these rubber floor mats. I've sold both my smart cars so I'm not sure if this is from my '05 CDI or my '08 gasser. I think the '08 but can someone confirm? I'll post in the classifieds, but anyone want them?
  10. Hard to believe its been a decade!
  11. Why do I feel I'm being baited? Lol. The PowerWall The Model X The Model 3 Batteries to *ALL* other manufacturers of electric cars, phones, drones, satellites, watches, toys... An emissions free future Trips to Mars? And your response will be that none of these are sold NOW. But you're fine attributing expenses for future projects to current revenues. It is nonsensical. If we were privy to Tesla's own books, we would see a profit associated with each unit coming off the line. They would have a margin, and it certainly wouldn't be negative. "That's their books!", you'd reply cynically... but that's the point! Those aren't books to say to the world, "look how good we're doing", those are books for their own internal management, projections, etc. They are the LEAST likely to be manipulated, but the MOST likely to tell a true story. And they simply have to tell a positive story or else (I feel I've said this before) Tesla would rather burn their factory down than pay employees to produce another money-losing-unit. Again, NO business would EVER produce a good deliberately to sell at a loss. Once they discover they're selling at a loss, they stop production (At the retail level, like grocery stores, a company may sell a good at a loss to push sales of higher profit items - so called "loss leaders" - but at the manufacturing level of those goods, a profit is obviously made). The company is losing money any given quarter, true. Attributing a per-unit figure to that is just media fluff. It means absolutely nothing more than, again, a loss per pencil figure. They could take the same number and divide it by the number of times the company urinals are flushed and give you another just-as-useless figure. But if you REALLY believe they are losing money on each car - which can only be defined as the cost of production of that car is actually less than the price paid - then go and buy one before they come to their senses! Its a bargain!
  12. Well, that's not even remotely true... but I suppose you're who the media targets so that's fine.
  13. We're making the same point, but you (and Automotive News) are choosing to take big picture numbers and arbitrarily boil it down to small picture items. Why not say they are losing $853.20 per pencil sharpened (or whatever that might turn out to be)? Let's say GE posted a loss one quarter... do they assign that loss specifically to lightbulbs? Or wind turbines? Which is it? "How the business works" isn't nearly as simple as you're trying to say. IF you want to pretend the only function of their expenditures is the production of a single model car then you MUST pretend inputs not related to that don't exist. If you want to instead report an aggregate loss, then the whole forest has to be seen, not just a single tree. I don't care how qualified you might think that trade publication's authors are... in this case, they're pandering just like most media does, and sensationalizing a figure that is almost irrelevant without proper context (and actually they do a reasonable job of providing that context, but their reader - you - is taking from it what they want you to take from it)
  14. I stand by that. Context matters. Financial reports in the media... well... don't. If for no other reason then they are always at least a quarter in the past. I'm not saying your'e wrong for taking it in. We get the info we get. But it stands to reason that if they were truly losing money on each unit, that the ONLY reasonable response would be to sell less and pack up the shop. Clearly they see profit in the future or they wouldn't be doing it. Per vehicle, ignoring overhead, R&D of other products, construction of battery plants, etc... they MUST be making money.
  15. No, they're not. Often times, when perfect information isn't available, we fall to Judge Judy's mantrine... "if it doesn't make sense, it isn't true". No company would ever build something to sell it at a loss. Ever. Companies may build something and have to sell at a loss because they screwed up, but they wouldn't continue to build them at a loss per unit. In fact, Tesla is making a hefty margin on each Model S... it is precisely what is keeping them even close to afloat. They only get to make the Model 3 (their short term "end game") if the Model S and X continue to sell. Clearly, if they were losing $4k per unit then they'd be getting further from that goal, not closer, and their correct course would be to cease operation. The problem is that people believe what the media tells them. The media spews figures they don't understand, that the accountants provide them. The accountants report the numbers they are legally required to report. The numbers don't lie... but they require context. If Apple, for example, built the world's largest factory (as Tesla is doing) and was then required to report a $1B loss in a particular quarter and they sold (for example) 10M phones that quarter... do we say they lost $100 a phone? Maybe, but those that understand what's going on would still be pumping money into the stock knowing that really, they are making a good margin on every unit. Once the R&D and capital expenditures are over the hump, Tesla's probably going to find itself in a position of buying VW and Apple just for fun.