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  1. ** SOLD ** smart car watch $30 shipped ($25 local pickup in Saint John, NB) smart car bag $35 shipped ($25 local pickup in Saint John, NB). I placed a 12" ruler to the right side of the bag so that you can judge the size of the bag. Both for $60 shipped PM me if interested. Greg
  2. **SOLD** (within 2 hours) Have a broken body panel? Get a full set of black body panels for less than the cost of one fender. I sold my smart car a while ago but I still have a set of black body panels for the 450 coupe (2006). The panels comes with a new set of hardware for installation and the original protective storage bags. Asking $250 or best offer. I'm located in Southern New Brunswick. PM for details. I have pictures that I will post later. ARTZ
  3. I'm looking to sell off my smart car, it ran great for 8 years driving back and forth from Saint John to Fredericton, NB but it needs a new starter. I don't have the time to change it and I have not been driving it lately as we have a baby at home now and the smart car and babies don't mix. The car was originally black on black, but I purchased a set of the European stream green panels (with European marker lights) so it can be either green on black or black on black or combination of the two or you can have both set of panels. It also has the original X-gauge computer which can no longer be purchased. Welte-Engineering Also a second set of winter rims with new tires ran 1 season plus two additional rear summer (unmounted) The car still runs as I can do a rolling start to get the car started and everything else is fine, the AC is still working and all servicing has been done.
  4. How about the water leaking possibility that was mention in the first post? Is that a concern?
  5. 42Kruizer had one for his car (until he sold his car). I thought it was well made and it fit his car quite nicely.
  6. Need an account to view the image.
  7. Actually I think I just figured out the correct answer, it must be the roof frame since all soft-top cabrios cannot support the cars weight but the frame/roll bars do.
  8. Is it the strength of the roof or the strength of the roof frame? I realize this is American, but the the original 450 coupe with a glass roof cannot support any weight.
  9. Always buy your diesel from a place that gets lots of business; this way they are always getting fresh diesel and you know it hasn't sat around for a while.Why would diesel gum up now? It is still summer; at least in the Atlantic.
  10. Mike_T, why did you mention the windshield replaced? What problems arise from there? Water leaks?
  11. 20,000 kms???? Duck does that in one month.
  12. Try here This guy just started posting on our website; he is based in California but has a larger selection than the dealer would have. Some cost more than others, based on the quality of material. has one indoor one in stock.
  13. Well that is good. This morning when I read this earlier this morning I was going to ask you about your air filter because I was thinking something about the air flow to the engine, but I wouldn't have thought about it not being fully closed.