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  1. Bought em 4 years ago, and sold my Smart Car 2 years ago so only used em for 2 winters. No other way to get around Barrie in the winter lol. Paid $850 for them on rims. Asking $350.00 See my ad below
  2. Just a quick note that my door latch/handle on the driver said is jammed again. I am taking it back to John @ MB Barrie (Innisfil) even though they already did the recall work on it.I'll keep you updated....
  3. I'm glad I found this post....3 years old. Going to give this a shot tonight.. Will report back...
  4. Line 1 says "2014 from June 20th-29th" which is 4 days from now. I didn't notice that a few lines down there was mention of an event 2 days ago, sry.I think that we should keep smart car events and politics separate. Especially with very divisive issues.
  5. I had my EGR cleaned back last September. It's clogged again. I feel the mechanic I used didn't do a very good job. Dmoonen dropped by my place in Barrie a few weeks ago and hooked up his laptop to my smart to check it out. It's the EGR valve again. Also I have the three bards of death on my digital transmission display. It appears to be mechanical as opposed to electrical. Dmoonen says to use some silicone lubricant underneath the car essentially pulling back a sleeve and inserting the lubricant into the clutch. Also, driver side door handle is broken again after recall repair. First things first...getting some friends to help me fix the EGR valve. That link above ( is awesome. Very well done, thanks.
  6. All the best Glenn.
  7. Sry guys, I will not be going. I feel there is too much focus on gay rights and not enough focus on other minority groups rights. Pride is no longer about being gay as it is about capitalism. Toronto politicians are bullied into supporting this regressive event every year.
  8. Hi guys,Thanks for all your feedback. I have adjusted my attitude with some education. I've been using my car as a touring Vehicle. Long distance trips, vehicle loaded. Here are some highlights...;Barrie to Burke Virginia and backBarrie to Quebec City and backBarrie to Tobermory, to Manitoulin Island, Espanola, Sudbury and back....not to mention probably 100-200 trips to Toronto and back.Smart cars are really designed for "light urban chores". This is how I should have been using it. Now I pay the price.I am fixing it. Springs, brakes, and alignment. Not replacing Muffler/exhaust. I took it for an E test and passed flying colors.I decided not to buy the Mazda 3 speed...or any vehicle. I'm on pace to make about $10,000 less in income this year, even though my sales are up 30% That's Capitalism! Bottom line...can't afford to do anything but make what I have work for me for a bit longer.Cheers,SoulSurgeon
  9. Hi guys,I've been mulling over posting this for weeks. My wife and I are very upset. Our vehicle repair bills are killing us. Took the 2006 CDI to NorthStar automotive in Barrie last week. We were told by our Tire guy (just bought a new set of all seasons...$550) that our alignment is out and that our Snow tires (2 years old) AND our old All Seasons are done.We've noticed black smoke shooting out the exhaust pipe under the car. Turns out that there is a big split in the muffler..which is also a catalytic converter? Mercedes part is $1200...aftermarket is $600.....Went to get alignment done. Busted spring, one tie rod is gone.....and a bunch of other stuff ( I didn't take it in, my wife did...and this what she told me...I am calling tomorrow to get the mechanics feedback).Sticker on plate expires in September...and there is no way we are going to pass emissions test.When I first bought the car in April 2009 for $10,500....we had hoped that with a $500 chiptune, we would be bombing around all over the continent saving lots and lots of money...albeit in a very slow (chiptuned I am getting 15.5 seconds to get to used to be 19 seconds pre tune) crammed uncomfortable car that children point and laugh at daily. Instantly we noticed a crunching sound in the wheels and a warning light kept flashing on and off. Took it to Mercedes...$2000 repair bill. $1000 of it was under warranty. I remember talk about an Axle being replaced. We were left with the bill for $1k and I fought with the dealer who sold me the car to split the difference with me.We then had a problem year later with lights coming on again all the time. I don't remember all the details...but basically Mercedes wanted $4000 to fix our car. They wanted to replace the turbo which was "leaking". We instead took it to Northstar and they inspected it saying the spots Mercedes claimed needed work were in fact not all that bad.There were several days last year where the snow was so high on the roads, that I couldn't drive.Pretty clearly....we made a bad investment. We rolled the dice and came up 1's instead of 6's. I may have he most fuel efficient car in town...but I pay a lot to have that title.Do I fix it? Sell it? Or drive it off a cliff?Help!
  10. Went to see the local Suziki dealer the sales manager. The car that was $23,788 that I test drove last still there. Loaded. pic Thread about car... I offered him $16,500. He came back saying that lowest he could do is $21,700 FYI, NEW SX4's are only "above average" in the new Lemonaid book. 2007-2010's are recommended. Oh, and they don't get 50mpg...they get 29-30 Fuel economy Suzuki SX4
  11. Oh I agree...gotta watch out for owners of these who are kids.The previous owner of this is 35 years old and works @ Power Stream in Vaughan....drove it from Vaughan to Barrie for 2 years...has 80k on it.
  12. Guys. Thanks for your feedback! I just testdrove a very similar 3speed tonight. It has 10 speaker Bose sound system, Satnav, Bluetooth..the Tech Package. I love that stuff. My wife hates car shopping...but loved the cars power.I do need a hatchback...I'm a musician...lots of gigs with big speakers etc.Mike: "hoon car" please explain.I heard what you are saying re: the heavy clutch...had a hard time feathering it into 1st. Agree with the cheap interior...compared to other cars that go as fast as this. Keep in mind what I am comparing it to. Audi A3 TDI, Golf TDI, Suziki SX4, Luxus CTEDIT. I fixed linkCheers
  13. Mike,Thanks again my friend. SOO glad I didn't buy one last year. I just did an autotrader search for the SX4. 2013's are now going for $15k-17k....
  14. Thanks Mike, for advising me not to buy the Suzuki SX4 last year. The salesreps @ Suzuki Barrie lied to me....vehemently arguing that Suzuki Canada wasn't going anywhere.Maybe NOW is a good time to hammer them for a ridiculously good deal?The SX4 WAS recommended by Phil Emdonston of Lemon-aid. I wonder what he would say now.So, if I WERE to get a stupidly good deal on one...what are the dangers...nowhere to service warranty? Short supply on parts? Other dangers?thanks,Ryan
  15. Hi guys, My 2006 Smart CDI is starting to cost me some $ repairs($2000 job coming up...I will discuss in another post), and my Murano's exhaust system is going to cost more to replace that it's worth. Time to start car shopping. Here's what I am looking at today. FAST CAR What do you think about it? Reasonable mileage, low maintenance, good warranty (2017 or 170k kms). Lemon-aids Phil Edmonson recommends the Mazda3 and says the speed version is great value. Please offer advice or feedback. Cheers, Ryan