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  1. Thanks Huron, so getting it out seems straight forward enough. Is it fixable, or is this a replacement deal?
  2. Hi everyone So when I start the car, there is some sort of electric motor that runs for about 30 seconds - I believe it's a fuel pump of some sort, pressurizing the fuel tank, is that it? Anyway, this electric motor sounds like the bearings are going. It's squeals and sounds laboured. Is this an easy DIY fix? Can I take the motor out and re-grease the bearings? Or is this the $1,400 replacement part I've been reading about elsewhere...
  3. It looks like the "bottom" of the large cam has been worn or deformed by the broken spring part. It's impossible to tell what the damage is like underneath without further disassembly. Also, the plastic guide bar inside the spring has been chipped at the cam end. I don't know how much of an issue that is.Sorry, I do have photos but I haven't got them off my phone yet.
  4. @Tolsen, your cleaning description matches a forum post I saw showing how to clean the thing out. I only wish I knew about that two years ago. :PI'll keep you guys posted on how things go.
  5. Asked about the ESKULAB, and the service guy said it would be likely "not worth his time" as the car is 1 year and 40,000 km out of warranty and would most likely be declined, but after I asked nicely he said he would put it in.That's a good thread jwight, thanks. I saw another thread on removing, cleaning the inside and re-installing which is why I figured I could give things a try myself.In other news, I found a yard which may have a used part - and likely they have no idea what it's really worth so I might be able to get it dirt cheap. I'll just have to look inside it before I commit. I'm not buying a second rusty spring.
  6. So, my wife drove our little blue bundle of joy into work (because it has heated seats) and when she was ready to leave, the car wouldn't engage in gear. When you shift to D, N or R the dash reads correctly, the engine will rev, but the transmission wouldn't grab.So, long story short - I have the clutch actuator on my workbench and the spring is snapped, in two places. Yes, two. It would seem that one break is older than the other because the end of the break has rusted.BTW, nowhere does it say that this unit requires maintenance or inspection. It seems when I popped the cover off the clutch actuator it looks like the seal around the edge was worn or severely "mangled" in two places. I've never had work done on the unit before and I'm outside my warranty period now.MB wants $900 (Cdn) to replace it, and suggested the clutch might need replacing too, at an extra $1,300.I would love to find a lower cost option.Oh, and as a side note, my front suspension springs snapped about a month ago. I have some available, but I'm holding of on ordering them until I get this sorted out. I'm giving them two coats of Tremclad before I have them installed. What's with this car and having springs snapping?
  7. Sept 17 is a little short notice.
  8. Darn, I missed it.When's the next one?
  9. I have a 2009 Smart, and I occasionally get this problem. Although I find it's because the shifter didn't fully register the reverse position. Sometimes the shifter doesn't fully snap into place (blank indication on the display), sometimes it displays "R" but not in gear. The easiest thing I've found is to put it in Park then back to Reverse, but as gently as before. I move the stick a bit faster and let up on the "trigger" just as it comes in to place and make sure I can feel it hit the safety stop.Usually works for me.
  10. So I have the 2008 Passion with the alloy rims, and I've found (mostly on the front) the brake dust can build up pretty quickly. Short of taking a tooth brush to the wheels, hosing them down or washing in general doesn't do much to clean them up.I've taken to waxing my rims, which I've found helps a bit with both build-up and cleaning.Any suggestions out there for protection and/or cleaning?