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  1. -2009 Smart Brabus Coupe, Silver on Sliver. -Approx 38,000 Km -I would rate this as a 9.8 out of 10 for condition. -I bought this in 2010 and it had 16,000 Km on it. It has not been winter driven since I have owned it, always parked in a garage. -17" rims in back, 15" in front -Leather seats (heated) -Fully loaded otherwise. -Tinted windows -Just pulled the car of the road for the winter -Willing to E-Test and safety prior to sale -$9500 _located in Cambridge Ontario -contact -text 519-591-6507
  2. Then we will get along just fine!
  3. Try braking less..............OK..... thats great advice......I'll mention it to the cops after I run red lights and stop signs......but officer, it keeps the brake dust down....................a club smart car member suggested it.....what,,,I still get a ticket....but officer didn't you hear my reason?????
  4. Does anyone make one for this model?Thanks
  5. Hi All Does anyone knw of any good brake pads that leave a MINIMAL amout of brake dust?My front rims get covered very quickly and I am hoping to find some that will keep the rims a bit cleaner.Thanks
  6. Never mind. Somepeople will never be happy with anything other than a SUV.
  7. Thanks,,,Located in Kitchener.
  8. Just picked up a 2009 Brabus...had it one week and I have to say, its a fun car to drive