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  1. I believe the bottom layout is only for the Brabus ambient lighting, but I'll double check the fuse.
  2. So, I've been snooping around and found this: The light fixtures in question are the 405 - 410 and the bulb 420 (W5W) and the part number is common to several Mercs. Can anyone with STAR/WIS tell me if this is an option that has to be activated? I have the bulbs, the wiring is there, it should work.
  3. Yep, tried all of those options and all the fuses seem to be fine. Perhaps the have to be activated via STAR?
  4. The smart is there: "- 2008+ Smart Fortwo W451" and the wiring is present in the car, but there seems to be no power coming from them.
  5. Does anyone of you have this option fitted? I've just found these: The ad states they are smart friendly, and in my smart (2012) the wiring to connect these is there, presumably for the "Ambient lighting" option. I tried to plug an original MB lighting fixture (just as the ones in the ad, bar the leds - which can be found in any recent MB) but, I had no response at all... Does this option need to be activated?
  6. Thank you all. It seems to be quite normal then...Col, I'm already thinking about soundproofing the car, I'll give it a go once I take half of it apart to install the electric mirrors. I'm thinking on doing the door panels and the boot panels.
  7. Anyone has/had a similar issue with the old 450's?
  8. Yeah, I'm not a good movie producer lol but it's easier to hear if you turn the volume up and use headphones, It's a whiny background noise. I'll try to do a sequel tomorrow and also use the Torque app to check the difference in the revs.Very, very similar to these:Noise Weirdly, like the example above - "noise 2" the noise seems to have some effect on the lights.Fuel filter has been changed at every yearly service (10.000 and 20.000km).
  9. Thanks for all the answers. Unfortunately I still haven't found a similar car (cabrio - 54hp) to compare noises but in comparison with my 450, where I could only hear the pump priming on startup, in this I can hear it all the time. It's not very audible in this video, but it's the "ueeeee, ueeeee" noise. Edit: After doing some research on youtube trying to find the noise it seems to be the alternator?
  10. Just to give closure to this topic... It seems the main culprit was the alarm module, which led the SAM unit and Tachometer to be replaced. Mercedes don't know why, or how this happened.
  11. Well, long story short... December 2012 I've traded my always faithful 2005 450 cdi with 98000Km on the clock for a 2012 451 cdi (DPF equipped), and although I really like the car, it has been at the dealer more times in one year than the 450 in the whole time I've owned it. The only good thing here is the extended warranty till 2016...I know you guys don't have this engine but you are more than acquainted with the "old" unit.Compared to my 450, this 451 does two annoying things that everyone says it's normal:- A whining sound coming from passenger side (back) - Perhaps fuel pump? More audible on cold - it seems to be the fuel pump. Dealer says it's more audible because it's a cabrio . - The idle isn't as steady - When compared to the 450 the needle fluctuates a lot more, seems to improve a little bit after the engine warms up.Does someone have any clues to what may be causing these issues?Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies... I've already told them to do that but they seem a bit hesitant in trying it. Let's hope it's just the alarm...
  13. Aftermarket, installed by Mercedes themselves.Latest Updates: No water Ingress whatsoever. The issue seems to happen when going over bumps/ on bumpier roads. The issue seems to be coming from the alarm but they can't find the culprit, a dodgy wire or something.
  14. I've had my 451 for 5 months now and it has never missed a beat, until monday...After a short trip (1Km) the car started beeping, indicators flashing, telling right door open, left door open. I stopped, turned it off, opened and closed both doors and turned it on again. Still the same...Got home, tried closing the car - it doesn't - the boot won't close/open, it doesn't even make noise. The soft top doesn't seem to be working either - it clicks - but no movement.Called smart - Technician came, checked fuses, turned the alarm off, took the battery out, still no results. The car drives well but beeps all the time and the hazards are on all the time. I've also noticed the hill-hold function doesn't work too.The car has been at Mercedes since 10PM on Monday... They've managed to open the boot with the diagnostics computer(?) and the car started operating normally; they went for a test-drive, the issue popped up again.First they said it could be related to the alarm (installed there); now they've been washing the car to see if there's any water ingress...Strange thing is the car has been washed a few times in the 5 months I've owned it, It caught rain, etc, etc, etc... And this fault happens in the driest, must sunny period we've had in months.
  15. Amazing news I guess... Never really knew such thing existed. And I believe most smart dealers don't know it too.Does this have a part number such as SB1/SB2?