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  1. All I know is that the guy in the pickup ended up in the same hospital as I did, but I don't know the extent of his injuries.
  2. Our poor smart car went to smart Valhalla on 4/6. Three quarter right front hit by a Chevy pickup going app 60 MPH. Pictures on my PhotoBucket page http://s173.photobuc...011 smart Crash My passenger has cracked ribs and a "slight" lung puncture, I have a cracked sternum and we both have multiple bruises and contusions. ALL of our injuries caused by seat belts and air bags! No intrusion into the passenger compartment. Looking closely at the front structure, it collapsed right up to the support "horn" on the safety cell, no damage to the cell at that point. There was a slight kink in the right front "A" pillar. The drivers door opened and shut perfectly. The car is a write-off, but it did the job and protected us! Bought a new, unsold 2013 smart Cityflame Edition this week. In dealer stock since 6/2013 with 51 miles on it.
  3. I have two DVD-R discs that came with our '05 G&K federalized smart. I will send them off to whoever would like them as our 450 has shuffled of this mortal coil. I have never really delved into them as they appear to be formatted for Windows and all I have are Apples. They appear to contain technical info and perhaps parts catalogs, maybe for the entire Mercedes line. Dates of '03 and '04. Drop me an e-mail at xk120ots at with an address if you are interested.
  4. This was a G&K conversion; dark blue panels, silver Tridion, black interior. Turbo gas.
  5. Have used info from Eviloution many times on both my '05 gas 450 and my '11 gas 451. Always accurate from what I have found.I have donated in the past and just signed up for the pay site - well worth $16 US as far as I am concerned.
  6. To make it even more confusing add in the US models. The 450 was never factory authorized in the US, all of the legal cars were gray market conversions from G&K with gas engines only - 700cc turbo charged Mercedes engine with 6 speed trans. All of the 451, factory authorized as of 2008, a gas, 1 liter Mitsubishi engine with a 5 speed.I recently had to throw the rims and snow tires from my '05 450 onto the '11 451 - surprise, rear offset is different!
  7. I agree that you were not rude, he was.You were not far off on the cost of the manifold as Mercedes sells the manifold and turbo as an assembly. Quote I had was about $1,500 US as a I recall just for the assembly.
  8. Yeah! He's back. Had me scared there for a while, we could not survive without him.And I did just buy him a drink.
  9. Yup, me too. First thing I did when we upgraded from the '05 smart to '11 was to put a piece of black electrical tape over that useless indicator! Who cares about any legal requirement, that would be like the stupid tags on furniture - doesn't apply to the consumer. BTW - making it a blue light is the worst thing for damaging your night vision. If I did a lot of night driving I would do the same to the headlight and high beam indicators.
  10. Just went to Evilution's website and all I get is the site for the hosting service! This is a disaster if he is really gone. Anyone have any info on the site?
  11. Thanks for the report, Kane is an amazing guy and his website has been an invaluable resource both for our original '05 G&K 450 (may she rest in peace) and for our current 2011 451.Thanks to you also for all your help to smart 450 owners in the US, you have also been a valuable resource.
  12. Here's another:WME4503321J224223 2005 450, Passion coupe, G&K conversion G&K sequence # 0064Written off by insurance company, but definitely repairable, no damage to Tridon cell, 32k miles.Front end damage on 10/31/11, airbags deployed.
  13. Sorry to hear, but at least the car did it's job and protected the passengers.I wrecked our '05 G&K 450 last October, rear ended another car. Air bags deployed and front end pretty much trashed, but no damage to the tridon shell, doors opened and closed fine.I'll send you a private message with info on the ins settlement.
  14. LOL! Don't talk to me about fuel prices - our truck has twin 150 gallon tanks, try filling that up sometime!
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. The ins co decided to total it just based on cost of similar parts from a 451. They did however come through with a more than fair settlement. Farmers Ins lived up to their promises.After looking at and driving new 451s we decided to go that way. Bought a 2011 Passion with 8k miles on it today. Have to do a couple of mods on my truck deck, but it will be workable.If anyone is interested in a repairable G&K 450, it will be going to auction at:QCSA of Hammond (IN)219-932-0355case # 263 699