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  1. I, too don't own an iPod. I do have a Palm Treo phone that can stream music live from the internet. With an adapter plug I can put it into the AUX jack and listen to streams from around the world as I drive (thanks to an unlimited data plan). But I also burned six data CDs for the changer, and I have over 600 tunes available at a push of the Radio 10 button. WMA encoded files don't play, just MP3s. Full ID3 tags display, or folder/filename info. iTunes burns them very nicely for me.Just a note, my Prius can play the WMA files.
  2. After two tanks of gas (91 AKI at Costco) I'm getting 37 MPG. That's US gallons, you can convert yourself to l/100 km. Passion coupe, mixed city, freeway driving, 50/50 one or two passengers.
  3. You are right that the only place RDS is mentioned is in the owner's manual and the supplementary radio instructions. And of course it is mentioned in the specifications for the Euro cars found on the European web sites. Nowhere is it mentioned in the USA specs at smartusa.com (I haven't dug deeper into the Canadian site). I had all the same questions, but nowhere did I ever find RDS listed as available in North America. Since it didn't show up in the USA web site, I assumed it was either a misprint, or it wasn't available. Guess my second assumption was correct. Oh well, no song titles for FM radio via RDS.Guess this is a case for wrong assumptions based on information from foreign sources. Its very clear in the radio instruction booklet that its a different radio.
  4. I never saw RDS in the North American specs, did see it in the Euro spec cars. The Radio 10 owners manual is very clear that RDS features are not on the NA Radio 10. Drat, because I really like the RDS features the Los Angeles radio stations do, like song titles and program tipe (PTY). No radio station here does traffic, region/codes or alt frequencies (one station many transmitters). So all those features don't do anything on my Prius RDS radio.Also, the Radio 10 plays MP3 encoded data disks. That means 6-8 audio CDs worth of tunes on one disk. With either filename or ID3 tag title information displayed on the dash.
  5. Nice spot, first dealer report I've seen anywhere. Looking forward to pics, I'm crusing by the Beverly Hills dealer this afternoon to check on things.
  6. You're right, rechecked the source, and its imperial gallons. The Brits really don't make things easy with those Imperial Gallons.
  7. Here's a quick chart to help us from the USA to figure out what MPG looks like vs l/100 km Thanks to wikipedia
  8. I have a AUX jack in my Prius. But have to keep reaching in the console to turn it on, change things, etc. Then I loaded up my CD changer with six data CDs (both WMA and MP3) and I have SIXTY albums worth of tunes, with titles on the display. No more looking down and playing with the MP3 player.Anyone try the Radio 10 with a WMA encoded file? I'd hate to have to re-encode and burn these all over again! And I notice that RDS is not an option in North America. The front panel buttons are different. The Euro Radio 10 has an RDS and AM/FM buttons. The NA radio has separate AM and FM ones instead.
  9. I can't get in from here either. At least no one can flame me for a few hours!
  10. Does the Radio 10 also play WMA (Windows Media Audio) files as well as the mp3 encoded ones? My Prius can play both kinds, hate to have to burn my mixes again!
  11. I got quotes from State Farm. Mercury. Progressive. Insurance isn't cheap in Los Angeles. Best quote from State Farm for $317/6 mos 100/300/100 $1000 deductible.
  12. WMEEJ31X48K094515 my smart is sitting in Long Beach right now. Delivery to Beverly Hills, CA next week. (45 minutes away).Hope this helps, the VIN isn't on WWLs site. Perhaps NHK?
  13. All the dealers are getting cars next week.
  14. I think you will be surprised at how many cars smart delivers in January. I know my dealership will be getting about 60 or so cars on the first loads.
  15. Calls to dealers will be triggered by the emails that smart USA will be sending out tomorrow (Thursday 01/10/08). Too many emails go out at once, too many calls.