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  1. I've never been out to one of these before... what do I need to know?
  2. I'd be up for the next one... have a buddy who just got his first smart and I'm sure he'd love to learn more about it.
  3. Welcome to Smart ownership! I have the pepper to your salt... a black on black '11 Pure Sound model. Just east of Ottawa here. Keep me posted if you hear of any events! Angus
  4. Looking forward to meeting some new folks this weekend and seeing Wolfe Island. We've never heard of it
  5. Not sure if the pic will work. Posted it to twitter AngusMacIsaac
  6. I'd be very interested! Can you give me some more info on it? What happens there? Never been to one, but would love to.
  7. Just got word that they are replacing the 3 front panels completely, so am very happy about that! My spoiler was also misshapen so that'll be replaced too. My car is just over 12,000kms on it so when I get back from my road trip I'll have it's first service done too.
  8. they are black. When I bought it, the car had a tiny chip on the hood panel. They figured they'd buff it out and ended up removing the finish on the hood, and the two front fender panels. I should hear in the next day what they intend to do. Doesn't make sense to paint them because it's not a painted surface, correct?
  9. Hey folks, When I took possession of my new smart, they had repaired a paint chip by buffing and ended up taking the finish off the hood, and the two panels under the lights. I took it to the dealership when the finish wore off exposing the wear marks and they've sent it off for approval. They're suggesting they might pain it but something tells me that's a temporary fix. Is painting it enough, or should I request new panels? Any advice is appreciated! Angus
  10. I used my snow tires and rims from my old 450 on my 451 and they didn't require anything extra.
  11. What do you have in mind? I'm just east of Ottawa
  12. Anyone have an idea where to find them reasonably priced?
  13. Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone's ever done a roof swap from solid to panoramic or even cabrio? I wonder what something like that would cost?
  14. Run away from the 06 diesel .... Just ended a horribly expensive relationship with one.Consider going new, not a huge price leap, maximum coverage for warranty and check out the pure sound version. I love mine.