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  1. Well I gave up. Traded the car off for a new truck. I got tired of working on 2 old vehicles ALL THE TIME. Dont get me wrong the smart has been good to me . It is the vehicle I have owned the longest and would travel cross ways on the back of the truck on route to AZ for the winters. Just time for new.
  2. This problem has gotten worse in the past month, last month it started fine. Cant see that compression would drop off that fast to cause this. Have tried injector cleaners in the fuel with no results, maybe made it worse.
  3. My 2006 smart diesel 110,000 km does not start when it is cold but if I plug in the block heater for 2 hours it will start but a little rough for about 30 seconds. Glow plug or controller issue?? Replaced all 3 glow plugs ( Got lucky they did not break off ) Removed new glow plugs and connected them, turned on ignition and they get red hot and stay lit after the light goes off. Hot wired the glow plugs to the battery and waited 15 seconds before trying to start I replaced the Battery last fall Checked the alternator and turn freely when the belt is removed. I get no codes on the reader, no check engine light and the glow plug light works as it should ( on for 10 seconds and then stays off and does not return ) The car runs well if I start it after plugging it in for 2 hours, I am at a loss as to where to look next and cant find related posts to my problem. Thanks Ron
  4. My 2006 smart does not start well. It seams to start up on 1 or 2 cylinders and after 10 seconds clears and runs fine. It will start well the rest of the day. It has been doing this for about a month now. Just recently it will throw a 0405 code and be in limp mode, after I clear the codes all is well. I have the EGR emulator and blocker plates installed for 6 years now and has been fine with that. It is warm here in Arizona now where I am wintering so I don't think it is glow plugs. The indicator lights for about 2 seconds then goes out and does not return on startup ton indicate a glow plug issue. Not sure where to go next on my hunt. I am not at home so I am hesitant to try to replace glow plugs but I don't think it would be that. Is there a Valve that prevents fuel from leaking back overnight that could be causing an issue? Thanks for any advise..Ron
  5. When I start my 2006 Smart it turns over well and starts on maybe 1 cylinder and the starter keep running for maybe 20 seconds until the engine run properly. Once past the start up the car runs fine and will be good for the day. Does it when cold or warmer out, does not appear to be glow plugs..
  6. Well out and about with the Smart tonight. Had a hard time seeing out as I could not keep the frost off the inside of the windows with the -24c temps. The car did well in the snow and cold but I did not fair to well even with the heated seats. Any ideas on how to keep the windows clear?
  7. My wastegate moves ok, I lubed it up and maybe it is a little more free, Seems like I do this every 2-3 months to keep the codes away. Could the actuator be getting bad, could not detect any leaks in it or the hoses. anyone have intermittent problems with the sensor? And where is the sensor located?
  8. I think my turbo seals are leaking. I recently changed my intercooler due to the mount issue that I did not deal with until it was worn through. There was a fir amount of oil in it. I would get a few drips when parked. Now after changing out the intercooler and blocking out the EGR I was dripping oil again after 3 months. Found I had a loose hose from the bottom of the intercooler, simple fix just tighten. My oil consumption is not to bad, add oil once between changes and only fill to to ½ . Is this amount of oil worth the problems of a turbo rebuild? Will the oil in the intercooler and piping cause issues? So far the car is running well with 75,000 km on the 2006, maybe " if it aint broke don't fix it" should apply. Also what milage should you change your alternator belts at, still on my original. Thanks
  9. Just in the works of replacing mine, orders the intercooler from Flying Tiger for $398.00
  10. 2006 Smart For Two 95XXX kilometres. Diesel. Smart sound package with cd and mp3 , pulse plus package, Glass roof, power door locks, 6 speed auto/ standard. Blue with black frameShift paddles on steering wheel, abs brakes, Air Conditioning, clock, tach, rear defog, all the usual smart car package. Great shape, no accidents. best car for fuel milage, last year that the Smart car was imported with a diesel engine. 65 mpg, cost less than $25.00 to fill$
  11. Why is it that I can change the oil esier and faster than it takes to reset the service wrench
  12. I turned the car off and removed the key but the car would not shut off. I tried all the remote controls thinking if I locked it it might shut down. Just as I was thinking of pulling the battery I remembered i was charging my large 12 volt light, as soon as I removed the 12 volt cord the car stopped. It was getting power through the cigaret lighter plug and kept running.Who would have figured it would do that
  13. I am looking for the air dam, lower center panel below the grill and the block heater plug mount panel. I am in the Vancouver area.Thanks
  14. I am looking for front end body parts Air dam and the lower centre body panel
  15. I have a turbo and exhaust manifold rom a 2006 CDI for sale $800.00 car had 55,000 km when removed.