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  1. Don't believe everything you see on you tube Iv had parts on my cars done in plastidip for years an threw many power washer an drive threw car washes an it's never come off. It will if it hasn't time fully cure for a few days with a direct blast for a power wash wand. Iv personally have had a 3500 psi power washer 2" o my plastidip parts an nothing came off.
  2. Need a spare key fob I have 1 will need to be programed to your car. $20
  3. I used plumber's putty. It's non harding an aways flexible an removal is easy.
  4. Got a set of 450 rims Fronts have conti snows on them decent for a winter or 2. Backs has no tires $150 for the 4 Get them for you winters or summer tires. Get them soon before posted to kijiji an varage
  5. 2 front tires 2 rear tires Blizzak lm 18 on 450 steel rims used for 6 weeks last winter Package deal only $350 I won't split Grab now before I post to kijiji an varage
  6. 2 brand new continental ts 760 front size 145/65/15 still has stickers on face $100 for both
  7. 2 brand new continental ts 760 front size 145/65/15 still has stickers on face $100 for both
  8. So its been a while since iv had my smart on the road almost 2 years. So I have a few problem from sitting. All my brakes have turn to rust, so new rotors n drums pads n shoes been replaced. But I'm now looking for brake cables as they are seized. where can I source them? Iv got a list of codes Po112/po113 air charge low/high My wiring broke off at the end of the connector now I need a pig tail.can I just buy a pig tail an where the from? Po500 vehicle speed sensor Po702 transmissions control system electrical Po238 turbo boost sensor A circuit high I haven't got a clue about the last 3 y they are on have they been a problem before for others
  9. i have roadster rims an have 185/55/ front an 195/55/15 rears both full snow. i find them great in bad weather.
  10. welcome to the club.your model should be on the plate next to the out side mirror
  11. light will come on for just 1. but you can test it with a multi meter by running 12v to each 1 threw it an ground each 1. no numbers tells bad 1
  12. i bought rod from fastenal but its $36 a length. an thats as far as i went with it. it was a special order out of the states for it an that only had 3 pieces of rod for the whole company.
  13. let me know if you guys decide i might be able to drop by.
  14. canman your pic needs to be flipped 180.
  15. thanks for the offer, im going to hold off for a lil bit. im in the middle of trying to deal for a used ranger an might park the smart for the winter.