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  1. Hey All, Been a while. My daughter is now driving the Grandstyle as we have an iMiev Electric for our in town vehicle. There is a new very annoying noise from the top of the engine, sounds like sandpaper scraping. Had it in our local shop to replace the glowplugs and they originally guessed that it was timing chain, they called the nearest MB and the MB service guy told him that they haven't had to do any Timing Chains, but have done some Oil Pump Drive replacements. My question for you all is... Is this something that can be done by a usually equipped shop? They were told by the MB guys that special tools are required, but from what I've seen on my search of here doesn't look like that's correct.
  2. Oh yeah, you're being ripped off.The whole process is a scam, the private company that runs DriveClean insisted on testing everything they could so they could maximize profits.When I transferred my 2 year old smart to Ontario I was required to have it tested.I spent a great deal of time on the phone with the rep from DriveClean and she insisted it was to ensure that the vehicle had not been modified before coming to Ontario. When I asked how that would be any different than a smart bought in Ontario the same day as mine was bought, and it not needing to be tested for another 3 years, even though it could be modified, she couldn't answer so she tried, "we can't tell if the vehicle might have been in commercial service". When I told her that this too was incorrect as the provinces share that info, as you quickly find out as they enter the VIN info into the computer, she then just said, it's because we want it done, end of.THEN you go for the "test"...seriously, "a visual inspection to ensure the parts have not been altered" because the system can't even measure diesel.Like anyone outside of a MB shop would know if anything had been altered.Absolute Poppycock and a tax/profits grab by the ON govt, and the DriveClean Contractor.
  3. Thanks all for the good wishes,We're leaving tomorrow, just finished the packing and loading today. Would have been great to see another Grandstyle up close while we were nearby, but alas...not sure how many ended up in Atlantic Canada, I know ours was the only one sold in Newfoundland, since they had to get it from Montreal for us, and were kicking themselves when they saw it for not ordering any.Not with the forces, but close...NavCanada, I'm an air traffic controller, and we've just re-opened the tower there.I'm looking forward to this being my last tower. It will be my 6th, and the training is getting tiring; I'm ok with spending a decade or so in Freddy.We've found a really nice place on the north side in McLeod Hill and lots of plans on how to make it ours.Quark the Grandstyle is with Hansen's right now and will be meeting us there on Friday.NB
  4. So it's been a year since I Duracooled...turned on the AC problemo, cool customer again.That'll be the first spring without a need to get it serviced.Duracool is way cool in more than one way.NB
  5. Hi all,We're on the move again.Our Grandstyle will now call Fredericton Home...hopefully it's the last move!Although it enjoyed Labrador, and did fine in the GTA, we're looking forward to settling in Freddie.Many other Freddie smart drivers on the board now, the only confirmed one I can see in the quick scan is ARTZ.Captain No Beard
  6. Our rear side marker light (on the Cdn Bumperette) is burned does one change that one?Doesn't seem obvious to me.ThanksNB
  7. Interesting, mild location. Somewhere the AC gets to run a few times during the winter, and no problems.You've got Grandstyle too, so our cars were built very close together.Seems like the problem out where we don't get above freezing for long months of the year could be solved by changing the programming which blocks the AC start at low air temps. Why can't MB figure that out?
  8. I guess the Red Tek hose must be shorter than the duracool one, because mine fit through the turn signal hole just fine.NB
  9. My red lights always came on when broken or not.NB
  10. We need to establish a network of Duracool filling stations...everyone with the equipment posting city/nearest intersection, then smarts can come by with a can of cool and borrow the tool in a friendly driveway...
  11. how do I take off the grill to get to the low pressure service port? Evilution Site how to remove the front panel Of course, you only need to follow first step, then remove the Passenger side turn signal. NB
  12. Whalll Smayk me in th' For'ead an' Catch me when I fall... I AM HEALED a VERY 52 degrees F after a whopping 15 minute job, I am DURA- $59.99 at Princess Auto, with my next recharge already in the kit! Thanks to ALL the helpers. Anybody in the Brampton Area in need of the tool, PM me and we can meet up some time, then it'll cost you less than $20! NB
  13. Bet he meant R12a. Hmmm, leads me to believe that the techs will eventually change it out to Duracool, but maybe it wasn't done by Mercedes.Do you think that the replacement of the lines and seals would hold if the R12a Duracool was in it, or is the concensus that it likely won't matter if the lines have been redone it will eventually leak after all?I note that it looks like those who duracooled 2 years ago seem to be recharging this year, that's twice as good as 134a and about 1/40th the cost!NB
  14. I feel your pain, we used to live a lot more than 10 hours away, it's a pain... here's the dilemma...get it fixed and they'll refuse to fix and use Duracool to top up instead of "Manufacturers Requirement". Yet as soon as the 134a is in there it's a guarantee of eventual failure. This is my last fix under warranty unless there is a secret extension out there. The only solution that both fixes the problem and keeps it fixed is have them fix it, then take it somewhere else to get pumped out and replace it with Duracool. Living that far from the dealer, you're right... add the duracool (or Red Tek at CT) leak fix and you'd probably be actually environmentally ahead, since getting it dealer fixed is a definite way to release yet another pound of 134a into the environs. Has anyone tried the leak fix as part of the Duracool plan? Just wondering how much of it to add, and does that change how much refrigerant to add after that??NB
  15. Their website doesn't ask for postal code when you click on the current sales, so it seems that they do sales nationally...and it is in the new flyer booklet that just got delivered, my guess is nationwide.NB