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  1. smart142, you really have me thinking here. if it is possible to just confirm that this will really fix my problem... Is there a way to test or identify if this repair is the right one? I would have to tow the car off the Mercedes lot (since I don't think they'll do this for me. Also, I have about $200 in maintence and other repairs to consider... but if $3400 of teh bill goes away... I would get to keep my car! can ou send me a link to more information about this? thanks, Tony
  2. OMG! I think my Fortwo is dead! I'm heartbroken! My car died driving to Vancouver. After a $350 tow into Mercedes in Vancouver, I'm told that repairs are about $3400, plus some repairs and maintenance that had to wait since I was living up north. The total cost will be near, and could be over $5000. This means taht the car is basically a write off. Does anybody know if there is a good auto recycler? Is salvage the best option? I'd appreciate any advice that you can share. Thanks, Tony
  3. I was driving from Williams Lake to Vancouver. I stopped to fill up with fuel in Hope, and then my car wouldn't start. I had it towed to Vancouver Mercedes to have it looked at. I had a standard maintenance to do anyway. They said that the fuel pump failed electrically, and burned up the wiring bundle. To repair this, they need to replace the fuel pump, the wiring bundle. Since the wiring bundle is attached to the SAM, it has to be replaced also, which in turn, means programming new keys. The ESTIMATE for all this is $3400. Does this sound correct to you? can you give me any thoughts? I have standard maintenance, and a couple of other repairs, so the total is looking like $5000, and that means the car might have to go to the auto recyclers. I'd really like any advice from the Smart car club folks. Thanks, Tony
  4. My roof retracted to the remote, but the console button won't make it go back up... Any thoughts? I am about 400 km away from a Metcedes dealer, because I've moved up north. Do I have to dis-assemble the console? Thanks Tony
  5. Does anyone have three keys, that all work, for their Smart fortwo model 450? I recently misplaced my key. I say misplaced and not lost, because i got home ok, the car was in the Garage, but the next morning I couldn't find my key to go to work. I grabbed my spare and took off to work. When I got home I had a look around. I checked the usual places, my desk, by bedside table, the side table in teh TV room, the kitchen counter, etc: no key. I didn't worry tooo much,as I have a tendancy to do this sort of thing. A few days later, I looked more thouroughly, laundry hamper, sofa cushions, under desk, under bedside table, under bed. It was another week before I looked again, every kitchen drawer, all desk drawers, bedside table drawers, bottom of the bottles/cans recycling containers. I start checking in unusual places and still can't find the key. I ask aorund and no one else has seen it. Several weeks go by, and still no key. Since Christmas is coming up, and I have to drive through the mountains for several trips, I don't want to have only one key. So, I go to Mercedes to order another one, ($475 WTF !?!?!?). I am informed that if I can't find the key and they re-program another one, it will be automatically deleted. So a perfectly good key will be invalidated. This angers me. But I have no choice. I order a new key. They say that if all three keys are there, they can program all three. I also ask a family member to look, and he finds the key BEHIIND the laundry hamper. I call Mercedes, and they say "sorry the key is already ordered" I am annoyed, since I really only want two keys, and don't think $475 is fair. I don't see any good options; at least I found my key and will have three. So I keep my re-programming appointment, and when they program the new key, they delete one of the old keys anyway! When i went back, they said that the Smart car controller unit can only store two keys? My questions: 1. Does this make sense to anyone out there? Can't a person have 3 keys for their car? 2. Does anyone out there have 3 keys for their Smart Car? Mine is generation 450, I don't know if that matters. 3. Does anyone know if there is any options other than suffering with a worthless, but perfectly functional key? Thanks, Tony
  6. I usually use mckillicans diesel fuel conditioner. But have forgotten the last several tanks. Ill go get some added to the tank and see how it goes. Thanks evryone!!! Tony
  7. My 2006 Smart Cabrio is giving me an unusual fuel warning. I fill up the tank and then I start the car. I get a low fuel warning, something like 2.0 litres. After about 40-50 km, the tank will read full (all five blobs dark). Then the normal progression of disappearing blobs to about 250 km of driving, and then the low fuel warning of 5.0 litres again. Sometimes, the 2.0 litres will come back as 6.0 litres, 8.0 litres, or 9.5 litres! However, I'm usre that I'm over 18 litres in teh tank at that point. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there another thread that I can't find on this site? What would the search terms be? Finally is it likely to be the fuel sensor? Or possibly the display guage? Or maybe it's the on board computer?!? Thanks for any and all advice. Tony
  8. Thanks to everyone, its been very helpful. I can't get a the parts together to make the adapter, at least not quickly. I have however found another mechanic that can clean out the manifold and swap the valve, without the whole actuator, etc. So, all in all, I feel like I have options that I didn't see a few days ago. In the meantime, I'm going to look at getting the parts together to replace the EGR valve myself if it ever happens again. Thanks again, Tony
  9. Hello, My engine light came on the othe day, and the power dropped off when driving. I used scanguage to check, and found codes P0401, P0402, P0409. When looking at the web, I found this to be an EGR Valve cleaning, probably... I drive short distnaces as a habit. One to three km per trip, and mostly on a cold engine, so I'm the poster child for clogging the valve. I tried to remove/clean the valve. I can get the actuator off but can't get the valve out. So after a couple of days trying, I put it back together and drove to the dealership. This is where it gets expensive... They want min of 1.5 hours to "DIagnose", despite my giving them the codes. They are saying it needs a valve replacement at $430 for the part and 2.5 labour hours to replace it. So with tax it'll be over $1,000! Does antbody know if third party mechanics can do thi work, and what it might cost elsewhere? I can't believe its a @&%#ing $430 part... Feeling ripped off :-( Tony
  10. MikeT...That's just what I needed. Unfortunately, i broke one, let's hope that goop or crazy glue will be a strong enough to keep it tight. Thanks all,Tony
  11. Hello all,I have a burnt out right rear signal light. I see that a #10 mm socket will remove the two restraining nuts - done.However I can't get th housing out to open the finger clips. The whole light assembly 'hinges' out a couple of cm, and that is all. The side (flange?) that the restraining nuts cover will come out far enough to clear the little screw studs, but not enough to reach behind.I'm abit afraid of breaking it, so I don't want to put too much pressure...Any tips?The rest of the procedure looks pretty self explanitory, but I csn't seem to get that far...Thanks, Tony
  12. Nice Bit of news and good insight! Thanks for sharing this.
  13. Please don't assume reluctor rings...I was recently having the ESP light come on, and when the MB dealership put a diagnostic on it, they found multiple electronic failure codes from many systems. their interpretation was either the controller unit was failing, or the battery was low. They tested the battery and found it was down to 12.1 volts, and needed to be replaced.After checking with a battery specialty shop, the opinion was that the battery was on the verge of failing, and probably would fail on the first big cold snap of winter. I went ahead and had the battery changed about 2-3 weeks ago, and havn't seen any ESP lights since.There are hundreds of codes/reasons that the ESP light could come on, and it is really only a scan on the DAS/Star system that will put you on the right track as to what it could be.My local dealer charges $135 for a scan/diagnostic, and you may have to request that they scan while driving to get the error to report. (In my experience some errors don't show up unless you duplicate the conditions, as some mechanic's won't drive like you do. So, it's probably worth asking to drive while they scan so that you can show them how you see the error.)Good luck and let us know what you come up with.Tony