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  1. What time do people usually gather for this event. Thanks Ish
  2. Sandra Clark I still don't know how to add my name
  3. I probably don't drive mine far enough or often enough. However, I just did a trip to the Eastern Townships and then to Toronto a couple of days later. Does anyone know if a fuel additive or certain type of fuel would help?
  4. Well, mine has now clogged for the second time. Service people reminded me that it was done 50,000 km ago. I can think of better ways to spend $500. I'd be interested to know if a fuel additive or specific fuel would help.
  5. For all of you who answered and sent advice....THANK YOU! Husband went on Evilution for deconstruct instructions and then followed the tips that you were so kind to send. It worked. He packed grease around it to keep the corrosion under control. Save me close to $300 in parts and labour. THANKS AGAIN. Ish.
  6. It has stopped working. It's all seized up. I'd love to fix it. The part from MB is more than pricey. Ish. PS. We used to live in Pickering.
  7. I'm looking for the motor for the rear window wiper for my 2006 SmartForTwo Pulse. Thanks
  8. I thought I had lost the group for a while.  Glad to see it's still alive



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    2. ishkabibble



      It's not going to work out. I'm having a LITTLE surgery on my hand Friday so driving Saturday probably not a good idea.



    3. Leadwing


      You will be missed!  (too bad you can't get someone else to drive you down here in your smartie)


      If it's not too personal, what is the problem with your hand?




    4. ishkabibble


      Nothing major.  What is called a trigger thumb.  Right now it's difficult even to see the scar. The only cosmetic surgery I'll likely ever have. 

  9. I can remember when they gave one of these as a prize on American Bandstand back in the day (probably 59-60). I was SO envious. Guess I was predisposed for a little car and the Smart hit the right button. Ish
  10. I have put it on my calendar. Great place. I am not putting my name but will do the best I can to get there. Ishkabibble
  11. I can't offer any advice but I am dismayed that the manufacturer of the car would give this advice on a car with only this many km on it. Doesn't say much for the quality of the car or their support of their clients! Ish
  12. I have written it down. Put me down as a maybe.....It's a couple of hours to drive so ???
  13. Washed and vacuumed - more than lip service but not any where near clean enough!! Ish