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  1. Update:Still going back and forth between Lonestar and Distinctive Autoworks (the MB Bodyshop out here). I think I've had my car in my possession for a total of 1 week altogether, and most of that week it was parked at a hotel where I was coordinating a conference for 5 days Lonestar keeps saying they've fixed everything mechanical and it keeps going back because something is not right - eg used over 1/4 tank of gas to go 31 kms!. At this rate I will have all new guts for my little car....Currently waiting for a replacement bottom half of the steering wheel column cover as this was damaged when they replaced the steering wheel and came off in my lap when I used my signal light the first time I got it back.I'll see how this week goes Nikky
  2. I finally heard back from the insurance company. I was told "We finally got the assessment back for your car and we think it should be repairable. There doesn't appear to be as exstensive of damage as we thought with our initial assessment." What the heck does that mean?!How does one ensure certain things were checked? Ie the engine mounts and such?
  3. Will Do! So far they have been extremely good to deal with. Kinda reminds me of the commercial with the guy who drives his car up the poll
  4. As I'm sure at least a few people out there know, getting smacked in the face by an air bag is not a pleasant way to start your day! A lesson I really did not need to learn first hand this morning.So there I was minding my own business driving to work, when all of a sudden, the guy in front of me slams on the breaks of his 03 civic. So, I in turn slam on mine and come to a stop with only 1-2 feet between us. Not as much as I'd like, but hey, given the wet roads (it was 3 degrees in Calgary at 6 this morning and things have been melting) I figured I'll take it. Then WHAM!! Next thing I know I've been smashed in the face and I can't see. What the hell happened?!?!?!?! Then I realized I'd heard a horrible crashing metal crunching smashing sound and that my glasses were no longer on my face. (I am practically blind without them, incredibly near sighted) I can't find my glasses anywhere, mainly because I can't see so I put on my prescription sunglasses that are beside the steering wheel and realized what happened.I had been rearended by a 94 corola. UGH!! Found my regular glasses..... bent but not broken and covered in whatever crap comes out with the airbag, but still whole. Got our of my poor smart, whose horn was honking uncontrollably until I moved the airbag ever so slightly and was confronted by civic and asked if I was ok by corola. To which I responded No I'm not ok, my face just got smashed by my airbag and you hurt my car. I asked if anyone had called the cops yet to which corola says, "oh we don't need to call them, my car is still drivable I'm sure." And then he added, "Boy sure is icy out here eh." I thought Dude! it's 3 degrees out here! There's no ICE! But didn't say anything....maybe I should have I don't know.When all was said and done, civic got to drive away with his smaller than a tennis ball dent in his rear bumper, and corola drove away with his front end smashed and his hood folded quite nicely and my smart got to ride on the back of a flat bed to the impound lot In the dark, it didn't look too terrible, minus the (ready for my technical term here) rear guard thingy under the bumper that is no longer attached and some scuffs and bumps..... and of course that blasted airbag! Will wait till later to see exactly what the little car looks like in the light.I'm ok. Although, I am a little worried about how stiff and sore I'm going to feel in the next few days as my neck and back are already killing me along with my face. Yes, I am headed to the doctor shortly. Yippy :)Nikky
  5. I have to agree. Love my Smart in the winter. We do just great on the roads. And like you jazzbaby, I love passing the big guzzling trucks as they are stuck, or even facing backwards on various overpasses in the city.I've had numerous comments this year, particularly in Stony Plain, about how unsafe and insane I am to even consider driving my car in the winter. No problems starting last winter or so far this one either. Not even last weekend in Stony when it was -32 according to my dash! I actually had people come out of 5 houses to watch me "fail" at starting the only car that wasn't plugged in! Does take FOR EVER to heat up tho! Don't know what I'd do without the heated seats ;)Nik
  6. Cracked the windshield
  7. Me too! Me too! I'm for most any get together
  8. Hmmmm.... Interesting.My blower blows, but it sure isn't blowing warm air! Even after a 15 minute warm up (it takes this long before I'm warm enough to stop shivering) and an hour or more of driving it is still blowing cold to at most luke warm air. Thank goodness for the heated seats!!
  9. The car was brand new in August and it still happenst. Very consistantly, every single time I go somewhere after being parked. I've chalked it up to the self test. It's not horribly loud and hasn't changed in loudness, feel, or timing. And since it's still happening even after I've had my winter tires put on, I figured what else can it be. I think I have to take it in to the dealership anyways. My heater isn't working..... it blows, but cold - luke warm air, even after driving around for an hour or more. I'll ask about the thunk, tunk tunk then as well. I'm sure I'll just be told its the self test.
  10. Hi from one Calgarian to another! Welcome!Nik
  11. Hmmm... good to know ;)Nik
  12. Really, a cell phone?! Wonder if that was a factor too then.... Did have the cell phone plugged in for an hourish. It seems removing and reinserting the gas cap fixed it though, so maybe phone had nothing to with it in my case
  13. I was told somewhere between $250 and $300 when I bought my smart two and a half weeks ago!Nik
  14. Yes, it clicks.... we think I just didn't have it in completely straight :S