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  1. Hi!I have a new one, today on my way home I got a peeping sound, and an orange warning light (in the center). Looked it up in the handbook, it indicates "water separator telltale". Seems the limit of my water in the separator is reached.... ?? ?????????????????What is a separator? Never heard about something like that! What to do? Can I help myself? Oh, I have a 2005 CDI.Thanks,Ghost
  2. Hi, the Smart (2005 CDI) is gone - a few thing still around..... NOW REDUCED !!! 2 winter-tires on steel rims (front), should be good for another season. Continental Winter Contact 145 65R15. $ 80.00 a piece. 1 15 inch steel rim (back), rubber is done but rim is just fine. $ 50.00 a piece. Set of 4 wheel covers $ 30.00 Or - get it all for $ 200.00 ! Photos can be emailed. Ghost
  3. And one more problem.....Yesterday I came home, wanted to lock my car in the driveway - it opened again. Tried it a few times - no success. Then I opened and closes both doors, the back and the fuel-cap - tried it again - didn't work. Well I left it open for the night (I have a dog and a shotgun), this morning I took it in town and it locked no problem many times, all morning. Later today same problem then yesterday.....Is it a sensor? Can all the dirt and snow on the car cause that? What can I do? Please son't tell me rthat Mercedes has to fix that, they get my last cash for the fuel-filter tomorrow.....Ghost
  4. In August 2010 I bought my 2005 Smart CDI. Now, exactly 12 month and 48.000 kilometers later, it's time for a (final) statement. I traded the Smart in for a real car, since yesterday my "Smart-days" are over.The idea was a commuter-car, easy on gas, a second car next to our family car to take me to work. 2 weeks after I bought the car the first breakdoown, tha carwon't start. CAA towed me to a garage, another towtruck to Mercedes in Barrie. Electrical problem, needed new wires, 400 dollars repair! The next 2 month were smooth,bought winter tires to prepare for the snow. The winter was a nightmare, Smart won't start wen it dropped below minus 20 at night, bought a power-pack to boostmyself when I was not home. Bought oilpan-heater - no rweal help. driving on snow is fine, driving on slushy roads a disaster! Wheelbase won't fit in track of other cars,max. speed on highway 60 km/h, and still two 360's and almost collisions on highway 11. Car did not really heat up inside, got used to drive with gloves and hat on.April, hurray, survived the winter! Killed 3 tires and 2 rims in Muskoka-potholes, wet weather had impact on the electricval system, car did n ot lock anymore, whenever I went to Mercedes to show themit worke\d...... replaced fuel-filter for 223 dollars (what a joke) and motor of headlights for 600 dollars (r u kiddin'?). Noticed small oil leak under the car, just a few dropsover night, but constantly....... June, door-latches started to die, car doors won't latch (both). Took them apart, cleaned them, 3 days later the same, can't close my doors.Drove to Mercedes with doors tied with a rope - 240 dollars for a doorlatch and 120 dollars labour - for each door.Well, latest at that point I made my decision to get rid of it. Made the math and realized - all my savings on gas went down the drain for repairs and maintainance (80 dollar oilchanges, 270 dollar service, etc.)I am glad that the Smart is gone - what a mistake. I drove one in MUnich back in 1999 and loved it. Here in Canada - I hated it. Guess that's why these car's are built fir cities!Thanks for all of you for the good tips in the last 12 month - will post a few items for sale soon (radio, wheel-covers, rims).Ghost
  5. Thanks Mike..... luck - that's what we need with vehicles.If the gear=box breaks, well then at least I have the choice where to buy the spare parts. And every mechanic "around the corner" will be able and willing to fix it.I do not have to go to Mercedes and pay the $ 120.00/hour.Talking about consumer reports.... they don't only test vehicles. The pull statistics from CAA, garages, ask owners. etc. All together is one big picture, a model that is not towed very often, not in the garage very often, where most users are happy AND it's tetsted good in the own test is considered "reliable". Well, then you buy this car, and it's a le,om! Who knows???May the force be with us!Jan
  6. 2008 Pontiac Vibe. Toyota base and motor, Pontiac body - lots of room (feels huge after leaving the Smart), 1.8 liter engine, drove the first 200 kilometers with just over 12 liters. Still affordable and - fingers crossed - reliable according to consumer reports and online reviews........But - who knows? I know people who bought old cars for 2.000 dollars and drove them for years, others bought brand new 40.000 dollar cars and had nothing but trouble. Who knows what's the right thing to do?Ghost
  7. Don't get me wrong guys - I am not saying "all Smart's are crap".I know I had bad luck with my car - and I made the wrong choice - the Smart is not the right vehicle for me.Apologies whe I hurt feelings with my comment about "a real car"..... not my intention.For me just a bad experience - glad it's over. Oh, yesterday i passed a Smart in my "real car"... and gave signals - yes, i liked driving a Smart once in a while as well...Ghost
  8. True - I am driving a lot - but most of it is highway. I am not blaming the Smart - it has it's purpose..... just not for me. My fault, I did the wrong pick!The tires and rims happened all within 3 weeks. The last 10 km to my workplace is a side-road, deep pot-holes in the spring. The impact is that hard thatthe rim get's damaged and ruines the rubber right away...... the low profile tires on a Smart are the problem.A "real" car is a car which I can take for an oil-change or a repair wherever I want. A car where I can buy a tire at the tire-store without "special order".A real car has wiring that lasts a lifetime, and doors that latch without a 900 dollar upgrade (Mercedes said "oh, we kn ow about the problem, we have toinstall the new ones"). And a real car starts all year long, even in the 5 month winter in Ontario.Now - the reason I am posting this is not to shoot against Smart in general. I always liked these cars, drove one of the first generation. The reason is - I dida lot of research and still picked the completely wrong car. How expensive it is to keep a Smart on the road, the fact that nobody want's to touch these cars(Mercedes, 120 dollar/hour is the only option), every single spare part is special and expensive as well....... nobody told me that before.Anyways, I agree, it IS FUN to drive them, and the look of the guy next to me at the gas station, putting 160 dollar in his F350 Super-Duty..... priceless!Ghost
  9. Hi there!My radio died today - took it out to check the wires for installation of a new one, and had a shortage somewhere (just a little spark for a second).Problem now - I lost all my instruments, rpm doesn't work, display shows no heat, no fuel, no gear, it shows the kilometers but is not counting. Interior light is dead as well. Just drove the car, and clearly - I lost power. Seems that the turbo does not kick in..... does that make sense???What the hell did I do there???Oh, I am talking about a 2005 CDI.Thanks,Ghost
  10. 2 Fuses were gone....... cheap and fast fix, 2 dollars and 2 minutes! Car is back to "normal".Thanks for the hint!No instruments - connected to a broken fuse - logical. I just did not expect that a loss of power could be connected to a broken fuse as well.Now i know!Ghost
  11. Same problems with my 2005 CDI Bought a magnetic oil pan heater at Canadian Tire 2 weeks ago, problems are gone since then. It's a 200W magnetic heater, just attach it under the oil pan when I'm home (takes 3 seconds) and plug it in. 2 nights ago I was reading minus 31, Smart started at second try in the morning....... I paid $ 63.00, wasn't sure if it would work - but for that money worth a try. And - Canadian Tire always would take it back. Jan
  12. You're not alone, I am thinking about doing the same thing.......Not sure what to get (in spring), but if it has to be small and cheap on gas again, the Chevy Aveo seems to be not too bad. 5 liters gas on highway-driving..... gas being cheaper then diesel now, it won't be more money. And the sell them for under 10 k brand new - hard to beat. The Focus is nice too, or the Fiesta. Let's see......... Good luck with your new one!Ghost
  13. No, no other wiring problems........I will read the codes today. Didn't ask them at Mercedes to do it (not sure what they would charge for that), I bought an OBD II reader at Princess Auto a while ago.Ghost
  14. Too late! I went this morning.45 minutes and 212 dollars later the surprise: The warning light stayed on! The service-lady at Mercedes said "it should go off when you're driving, if not you might have a wiring problem".Aha, I might have" Should go? Well, guessing is something I can do on my own......Anyways, drove 220 kilometers since the new filter is in and the light is still on. Someone want to buy a 2005 CDI? New parts!!!!Ghost
  15. You guys are great! Thanks a lot!!!Ghost
  16. Just talked to Merced Benz in Barrie. Unfortunately it is NOT part of the regular service, and will cost me $ 188.00 plus tax when I get it changed tomorrow morning.Just the part is $ 135.00....... has to be done every 30.000 kilometers.Man, these Smarts are expensive to maintain...... not sure if I will drive it through a second winter.Jan
  17. Hi again,the permanent sound in the front of my CDI when the light is on is in fact - as one of you guessed - the motor to "aim" the light. It's defective and running permanently. Had my car at Mercedes yesterday to reade codes and reset the check engine light (heatsensor is defective, easy fix, part must be ordered), so Merceded came up with two options:One: replace the motor, 400 dollars tghe part, 2 1/2 hours labour - a good 600 dollars total.Two: cut the wire. No costs!OK, you can lift and lower the headlights for one reason, when you have a heavy load in the trunk, or two people on the back-seat, the carwould lower in the back, the headlights would be too high and distract other drivers...... so you would lower them.In a Smart - well even if I pack the trunk with beer-cases - the weight is ON the tires, the car is not doing that "move" at all - so I really don't need that feature....Right?Do I forget something, or is it just an easy way to save 600 bucks???Ghost
  18. 100 % agreed Steve!It's not a game out there, it is dangerous, people get injured and killed every day.Tailgating happens to me often since I drive the Smart. Not funny at all - that stupidsmiles of the passing drivers after tailgating is over as soon as they are pulled overby the OPP.I am not fooling around - if someone tries to "play" with me, getting that close thatI can't see his licence plate anymore..... I dial 911 right away. They want you to callthat in anyways. Twice since August I had the last smile, the F150 and the Civic, bothalmost pushed me off the highway, were pulled over..... just in front of me.Nobody has the right to play with my health and life.Ghost
  19. Here's the short version:Changed the (head)light bulb.And now the long version:Lost my light at the drivers side last night on the way home. All right, the Smart driver is prepared....... did the change before (passenger side, through the service-opening), and I have a spare bulb in the car. This morning, minus 5, but whatever, it took me 30 minutes the first time, should beat that by at least 10 minutes!So I squeeze my arm through the service-opening on the drivers side - man even tighter, more stuff in there. I reach the plastic cap, take it off and out - step one. Open the metal clamp, remove the light bulb, step 2 and 3. Attach the new bulb (step 4), grab the metal clamp and I have it loose in my hand. Wait a minute, it should be attached and closed now, not be loose..........So far I worked 15 minutes, was good in time. The next 25 minutes I tried to get that f*&%*ng clamp back in place, print pictures from the net to get an idea how and where - at my 227. try I drop the clamp. People say the could here me yelling the F-word downtown Barrie (40 kilometers away). OK, back online, printed the instructions how to remove the front panel. Took the panel off (first time), found the clamp, attached everything, checked the lights - everything worked, put the panels back in place. While attaching the left little triangle (at the mirror) with the plastic screw the screw broke - and the base of the antenna. Who the hell invented a plastic screw??? This guy should be shot (with a plastic bullet)! Anyways, the part stays in place, but now I lost my antenna.........But that's a story for tomorrow, did'nt have enough time to fix it (after 2 hours work for the light bulb) today.Ghost
  20. Agreed!My Smart does extremely well in the snow. For sure, there is a learning curve how to drive.... took me a day or two. Now, the orange-light almost never comes on, just ones in a while. Not one scary situation yet, and I drive a 4 hour round-trip today in Muskoka. Should mention that I drive on winter-tires of course! Oh, and Muskoka looks like that right now:Ghost
  21. He still talked to you, could see and smell what's happening in the car...Police officers are not allowed to stop cars without a reason. The RIDE-program, which is always announced in the media, is just a tool for the police to stop you and have a look inside your vehicle. The same when they stop you "speeding" with 12 km/h over the speed limit or a light not working at your car. They don't care about the "speed" or the "safety", they have a reason to pull you over and have a look on the driver and what's going on in the car.I went through police-training during my application-process with the OPP last year, the only reason why I know that.Ghost
  22. I was in the same boat. Decided to buy one of these things here: I really need a clock and an outside thermometer, the inside thermometer and the battery voltage - why not. Should be here any day now, paid 13 dollars incl. shipping. Not sure where to place it yet, but the "hole" above the mirror seems to be a perfect place for it. If I can hide the cables somehow - let's see. Ghost
  23. Guess I will be "Rudolph" this December. Canadian Tire sells the "Reindeer Outfit" (red nose, racks to squeeze in the windows) for $ 14.99, that's acceptable.Many people shake their heads or show me the finger anyways when they see my Smart, might as well give them a reason! 2 days ago I had 2 "tough guys" next to me at the gas station, dressed in camo, filling up their RAM2500 with trailer and 2 ATV's loaded. Laughing and making jokes about my Smart..... "my ATV is bigger then your thing", and so on.I asked him later "how much?", he asked "my truck?", I said "no, your gas bill today"....... He sais "129 dollars", I answered, "well, that's 111 dollars more then I just paid".Guess who was laughing on the way out! Yep, reindeer it is!Ghost
  24. Yeah, that's great info, thanks!To make it warm and comfy I picked up one of these plug-in heated car-seat cushions today, on sale at Canadian Tire for 10 dollars (reg. 30 dollars).They work really good, and for 10 bucks worth a try!Ghost
  25. Hi!What the heck would we do without CT??? This week in the flyer: A small heater to plug in the 12V-plug, you can mount it anywhere (on the dash) to a) defrost the windshield, heat up the interior of the car fast. This week on for half price, $ 15.00.Picked one up yesterday, can't really tell how well it works because it's not freezing yet.... but it heats up very fast, should be just fine. And it's small enough to store it under the seat.Ghost