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  1. I think I've posted this before (somewhere), but I installed an aftermarket Stereo, 5 1/4insh speakers in the front boxes,and 5 1/4 inch speakers in the trunk. No amp, just a powerful deck, and I can hear the music loud and clear even with theroof down. With the roof up it can get uncomfortably loud if I want it to but no distortion or vibration at all.
  2. If you're looking for advice on how to prep and paint the panels, you should be wet sanding them with an 800 grit sandpaper(if they're lightly stone-chipped or scratched, start with a 600 grit then work to the 800).If you're going to use a spray gun (recommended) you can purchase a small tin of a special additive thathelps paint adhere to flexible body parts. I can't remember the exact name but the one I'm familiar with is an ICI product.This can be added to the primer and the paint and the tin will advise you on the ratios. If you're using a spray can you will probably have some difficulty finding flexible paint in the specific colours your looking for. In this case you should at least use a flexible primer from a can which can be found at most paint (autobody) supply shops.For the Camo, try locating a local hobby shop that specializes in military scale models. You'd be surprised at how many of them existand you can find specific patterns from different eras and countries and purchase very small quantities of real camo colours and test themon paper or card-board.Good Luck! It sounds like it'll be awesome!I'm picturing a sand or desert camo combination.**EDIT**I should also add, you really should only prime the areas where any bodywork or heavy sanding has occurred, otherwiseyou should paint right over the existing colour. The only reason I initially considered priming all the surfaces was so thatyou could use a flexible resistant product. If you can buy a can of paint and add the flexibility product to that it wouldprobably be your best and safest route.
  3. I bought my summer and winter Conti's HERE, I don't remember the exact price but I remember being pleasantly surprised when I finally contacted them. I've even recommended them to other forum members in the past, they're professional, seem competent around a Smart and as I said-prices were surprisingly low.
  4. I'm running a pioneer deck with 6 inch(?) speakers in the rear - no amp, and hoping to attach a low profile sub into the tailgate soon.The sound is great even with the roof down.
  5. Turns out it was a weak connection at the starter. I checked for power at the SAM and everything seemed to be functioning properly.Dropped the engine this morning and removed the wire to the starter, cleaned and replaced, as good as new!Thanks to all who provided much needed advice.
  6. My cousin was in an accident that happened exactly as you described this one. She was making a the left hand turn andthe SUV that hit her (almost head on) was doing approximately 80km/ per hour. The only difference was that she was drivinga Honda Prelude and she died on impact. Too many factors to consider when trying to judge how you'll fair in a car accident, almostlike when someone gets shot in the chest and they say 'if the bullet had been a centimeter to the left he would have died instantly'.This gentleman was very fortunate.
  7. That link is exactly what I needed. Thanks!I'll check the connections before wiring in the push button, i suspect it's a connectoror loose wire. I had a squirrel storing nuts in the engine bay so a loose or nibbled wireis a definite possibility.
  8. "The Chopstick thing"? What's that?Bit of an update here...Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't.After testing the starter when it doesn't start, I noted no power at the top spade when ignition is turnedto '2' (top spade is the one that should be receiving 12v signal to solenoid when in #2 ignition positon).I hot wired it a couple times to make sure and it started each time.Does anyone know where I can trace this wire to?Does it run under the car or does it enter the cabin at some point?I'd like to wire in a push button for the started so I can avoid the costly"you need a new SAM" at the dealership.
  9. Quick update.The dealership didn't find anything and they said the car started properly every time they tried. They were awesome, butI hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.Thanks again for all your advice.Vince
  10. Thanks Robert,I'll try that as soon as I get it home.
  11. Thanks for the feedback.My foot was always on the brake, the dasboard always displayed the proper gear, I could hear the actuator moving and even tested each gear by trying to push the car. Can an open tailgate actaully cause the car to not start? What if i wanted to haul a 4 foot 2by4 and needed to hang some of it out the back with the tailgate down? (i have a cabrio Btw)No click of the solenoid not even the faint sound of an electrical arc. Im thinking an electrical ossue that they won't be able to find and I'll be stranded again by Friday.
  12. Hey All,Last night I stopped in to my local hardware store to peruse the aisles and dream of table saws and welding machines. When I returnedto my little car (2005 450), she refused to start. Based on what I was seeing and hearing I figured it had somethingto do with the gear selector and that the car refused to turn over as it didn't believe that it was in neutral. I tried moving it from R to N, back toR, then to 1, then to N, back to R, followed by a quick N and so on and so forth. I removed the key - reinserted the key, Immobilized - Un-immobilized,nothing worked. I even tried pushing the car around a bit to see if that helped, at least I knew the transmission was actually changing gears.I had to resort to calling a flat bed to take the car to my local Mercedes dealer where he left my car and placed my keys in the drop box.This morning I called the dealer and he asked me what the problem was as he had taken it for a little drive and hadn't noticed any problems with it.1. I knew that would happen as soon as the tow truck drove off with it.2. What if I had dropped it off because my oil pan had fallen off? - he took it for a drive??Anyway, here's where the advise is needed. Tomorrow he is going to hook it up to a Star(?) machine and try to see if it threw any codes.What do you guys think could have caused this? I'm skeptical about the reader picking anything up and don't want to feel pressured into changingthings that might not need changing.Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Vince.
  13. They did some cool diesel marketing 6 years ago, but alas, it was only marketing.
  14. Hopefully when you sell it or trade it in, you'll include the stack of work orders and all the ugly details of the carto the potential new buyer (or dealer). You wouldn't want to stick this unfortunate mess of a vehicle onto someone else would you?That would almost be like something Mercedes would do.