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  1. Hey all!I'm looking for a smart preferrably from 05-07, cabrio would be nice but does not matter. If anyone could direct me to a forum on sales if there is one or if anyone knows of someone selling one, please get back to me.thanks!Scott
  2. Hey all!I'm looking for a smartie. does anyone know if there is a forum on smart sales. I know there used tobe when I was on here about a year ago but the website has changed quite a bit. just wondering if someone could direct me.thanks a bunch!!Scott
  3. finally got it to turn but no matter how far I turn it, it just springs right back around. And I can't hold it and turn it off. I turn and hold it and as soon as I let go, it just springs right back. it is more annoying than before when it didn't move at all.
  4. rrrucke,my nearest dealership is london and it would be about an hour awaythanks anyway though, I'll probably end up going there anyway Chio,Scott
  5. how much is a new antenna? I am losing my patience trying not to bust it. If one is cheap I might just purposing bust the thing offChio,Scott
  6. I tried to post it before but every time I did it would get deleted by someone.it is a 2006 pure and I would hopefully like to get $17,000. It only has 39,000km, well almost 40,000kmright now I am in tillsonburg(ontario) at my parents house, which is about a half an hour south of woodstock. But I am on medical leave from work, I work in Stoney Creek and rent a place in Ancaster.Please if anybody is interested, let me knowChio,Scott
  7. still can't get it off only because the last thing I want to do is bust it. I am trying to sell the car because I have no money in the first place. By the way, if anyone knows of anybody looking for a smart, let me know.Chio,Scott
  8. Who's Kane?
  9. thanks duck!I'll give it another shot, losing patience with it
  10. heydoes the antenna on the smarts spin off or pull off? I'm trying as if it spins off but I don't want to bust the thingthanksScott
  11. Hey,I just thought I would throw this out there about my fuel mileage. What is the average L/100k on most of you guys smarts. Because I'm lucky to get 400 k to a tank and I think that is pretty pathetic for being the car. Just wondering if that is normal or if it is something that I am doing (driving tactics)let me know
  12. that's what I might try to to do, make up a clip. little stuff like this just make me so mad about the car. the little things that are smart specific and so they can charge anything they want.thanks anywayCheers,Scott
  13. Hey everyone.I was changing a lightbulb a couple of days ago and I lost the spring clip that holds the bulb in! I can't find it down there and was wondering if there is anywhere that would sell just the clip. I phoned MB and they said that they do not sell them seperately and I would have to buy the whole light assembly for $400. Just getting this out there if anyone knows or any smarts that have been in any wrecks or aftermarket part stores anywhere.Anything would be helpful.thanksCheers,Scott
  14. OFFICIAL LIST: Saturday March 31 1. mixed + Jillian 2. kwaldron+1 3. smart65 4. smartboy (James) 5. Rich Helms+1 6. Vroom Vroom + Hubby 5. Silver Blue8. Scott
  15. how about turtle jacks or boston pizza??I prefer BP but I'm game for eithercheers,Scott