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  1. Thanks, Mike. We had a bit of a chinook and the fan is now working fine. Should have left it in the garage though because I got a speeding ticket yesterday, an early Christmas present I cannot regift.
  2. I left the smart in the driveway yesterday in the cold and blowing snow and everything was working fine but when it was started later (much later) to move into the garage the fan wasn't working. Everything else seems fine. Possibly snow melted and refroze? It's a 2009 Passion with only 21,000 km on it. Battery is two months old and car had the usual once over before winter. Any ideas how to fix this or what to do would be appreciated by this senior lady. Is the fan even in the front or is it in the rear with the engine? I really don't want to have it towed to Lone Star which is 45 min. minimum from my house. Two fat bills, one at Mercedes shop rates and another one for the tow, are not in the budget. Perhaps someone could also suggest a good place for repairs that don't charge quite so much for maitenance. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. Thanks for everyone's help. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. The zippy car started just fine once the temperature warmed up a few degrees to about -25C. No gas line antifreeze was used yet she was back on the road. It seems the brutal winter temps were just too much for those few days.
  4. Car is gas engine, 2009. This past week has simply been brutally cold with temps running at -30C, worse if you include windchill. I had everything checked in October and was told the car was in excellent order. Battery was okay then and I've never had any problem starting her other winters. We have the trickle charger on her right now because we tried to start her three or four times and likely drained it some. I didn't know about the heaters at Canadian Tire. Thanks so much for that tip. I just hope once I get Zippy running that I can get her through the drifts that keep happening at the end of my street. Thank you, everyone.
  5. HELP! Last Thursday, a town in Alberta was the coldest place on the planet. Calgary wasn't quite so bad but poor Zippy just wouldn't start. So there she sits in the garage. Seemed to be enough juice in the battery but the cold was just too much even though other years nothing has stopped her. The temperature is supposed to be about -10C tomorrow (much warmer) and I'm planning to give it another try. The trickle charger is on as of last night and I was thinking that adding a little gas line antifreeze would be a good idea as well. I try keep the tank topped up so hopefully there wasn't a lot of condensation. Should I add the whole bottle of gas line antifreeze or only half due to small size of tank? I was even thinking about buying an electric blanket to toss over Zippy while she's in the garage although I'm worried that may create a fire hazard. Any suggestions as to what I can do? A block heater for a smart would really be a good idea but I don't think one is even available, is it?
  6. This little car reminds me of a collapsing baby stroller. It does all kinds of things including pushing you right out the front when you wish to disembark. I won't be swapping my smart but spinning around and around in the driveway might be fun though. It's probably a great car for those who can't back up without bashing into something. Watch the video to see it. http://www.hiriko.com/
  7. They likely could see that it was a woman. She's probably been driving one of those cars that parks itself, a feature that creates more stupidity rather than less. You need to know where the vehicle starts and ends and what its capabilities are before you head out into traffic and endanger other drivers. People like this one should opt for the passenger seat.
  8. I feel like I'm plowing through mashed potatoes. We had a dump of snow on Saturday night accompanied by wind. I had to be at work on Sunday at 730 am so was close to the first on the neighbourhood roads that morning. Everything was fine until I came to the deep stuff and got caught up in the ruts that never seem to match the smart's wheel base. The ESP kicks in and because of all the loose snow no wheels were doing much of anything. The vehicle slowed to nearly zero no matter how much I depressed the accelerator. I've decided I hate the ESP. Every other car I've owned was pretty basic and with a little finesse I could manouver through anything. Not Zippy. I love the car but hate the idiotic computer that thinks it knows how to drive snow better than someone who's been driving the backroads of Alberta for decades. Part of the problem is likely the weight (or lack thereof) so I'm thinking of hiring a fat guy to ride around with me on snow days. Perhaps someone could tell us again how to disable that stupid ESP. It would be a big help.
  9. I have the heated seats. So toasty. I find that the heater in the smart is pretty good though as the small space doesn't take long to warm.
  10. Don't you wish you had a bigger car for the winter? I get very tired of that question from the uninformed. I just smile and say a polite no because I've given up explaining how great my car is. It was 31 b-zero the other day (if you factor windchill) and Zippy started just fine. I let her warm up a bit longer than normal and in spite of the tires feeling a bit square for the first block or so she was good to go. Same thing all last year and we had a lot of snow. I love that tiny beasty and I smile everytime I pass one of those giant gas guzzlers sitting in the ditch. How many here keep their little one on the road all year?
  11. Welcome to the fun on the smart. I love mine. Since you are in Calgary, I'll mention that we have been attempting to set up a smart get-together once in a while. The last one was fun even if only two of us showed up. Enjoy your car
  12. A couple of days ago that strange looking key felt kind of "grindy" when I went to start Zippy. When turning on, it was as if there was dust or grit in the ignition. Later that day, when I tried to restart, the car would not shift from park so I turned it off and restarted. The gears were fine then and the "gritty, grindy" feel of the key was somewhat diminished. It isn't quite back to normal though. If it was my Jeep, I'd just dab a little graphite on the key, but this is a smart and they are not normal by any stretch of the imagination. I should also mention that right from the beginning I would hear a warning beep if I turned the igniton off too fast. A slower turn with a minutial pause at midpoint does not produce any warning beep. I'd assumed that this was because the computer needed to check the electronics at shut-off. My husband, who has no patience whatsoever, is forever turning too fast and thenhas to turn the key to on then back to off, cursing my wee beast each time. (Big razzberry to him for that)So, my question is, should I be putting graphite on that weird key or is that going to mess up the something in all that electronic and computerized stuff? I plan on asking MB about this as well, but don't want to be talked into a new ignition or somesuch thing if all it needs is a bit of the slippy stuff.Thank in advance for your help.Jazz
  13. I'm still up for a pub meet. It looks like it's only you, Deb, Adrienne and I that are interested so far. If we pick a date and post it maybe some others will tag along. It's best on a week day in summer as most are doing other things on weekends. Also, it seems to work best as an after work/supper hour time because I have an early job and at least one has a very long drive home. You can PM us with some dates that work for you and we can sort it out.Jazz
  14. The dates that work for me are July 26 or 27 (Likely too soon for most people to arrange) Or August 2 or 4, or Aug. 9 or 10 or 11. Sportsmarcar and I found that the Cat and Fiddle on 16 Ave NW was convenient and easy to get to. Shall we say about 600 pm so those of us who have to work early can get some sleep?Jazz
  15. My experiences with Lone Star in Calgary have been great so far. No lengthy waits or weird happenings. Everyone was friendly and happy to fetch me a coffee or a pastry. Haven't had anything done other than winter/summer tire switches and the A servce though and that I am chatty and friendly may help.