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  1. Hi. I have a few aftermarket items for sale taken out of my 2010 451 before I traded her in. (The dealership wasn't buying them from me, just the car.) Winter Tires SOLD! Security Wheel Bolt Set SOLD! Weather Tech "FloorLiner DigitalFit" Winter Mats Used for two and a 1/2 winters, slightly dirty otherwise in great shape. $50 These parts are located in North York, Ontario, Canada. Just north of Toronto. I'd be happy to deliver them anywhere in the G.T.A. or you could come by in person to pick up or I can ship to you if you'll cover the cost of shipping. PM or email me if you're interested in anything: android{dot}murphy{AT}gmail{dot again}com Thank you.
  2. Hi. I have a West Marine Oil Extractor, 6.5 L capacity, for sale. I purchased it shortly after getting my 451, but it turned out to be pretty easy to do an oil change the traditional way (jack > stands > drain into a pan) so I have never used this extractor. I don't need it. If you have a 450 you might find it makes your oil changes easier. It was apx. $90 new, I'm asking $45. Here's a link to the product page if you want to see a photo and read more details about it. Pick up only please, as shipping on a box this big would be prohibitively expensive. I'm in North York, just north of Toronto. Please PM me here if you're interested. UPDATE: SOLD
  3. I recently transported an second hand e-bike home in my 2010 Passion: I did have to dismantle it a bit, but I planned to strip it down to the frame anyway. It's currently in several boxes in the basement, awaiting upgrades.
  4. Having people use it isn't as important to me as making it as a way of learning and as portfolio fodder. Thanks for letting me know that it's not something smart owners actually need though. Kind of a shame really.. be awesome to see some harlequin smarts on the road. -[a]-
  5. Hi. :)Does anyone know if there's a website or other available resource which lists and hopefully shows all of the body panels for a 450 & a 451 smart Fortwo? I know there have been a lot of styling tweaks over the years, so if there's somewhere around that lists what those are as well, that'd be very helpful to me.This is for a project I'm tinkering with: A website which would allow people to swap body panels. You could set up an account, use it to post what you have to trade (ie: Full set of red panels for a 450) and what you are looking for (ie: A full set of white panels) and then receive notifications if someone else has white to swap for red.(I'm not sure if I'd ever make this as a live site, it's primarily a project for myself to experiment with HTML5/CSS3/etc.)Merci.
  6. Hi. I'd like to get my hands on one of the button banks that is in the center of the dashboard of a 451 (mine is a 2010). It has things like the heated seats, fog lights, lock/unlock buttons, etc. You can see if in this page on Evilution: If anyone has an extra one of these available.. or if you know a dealer who sells them.. or if you can tell me what the part number is so I can see what it will cost me to get one from M-B.. I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  7. While coming home from the vet (Our new puppy was under the weather.) we spotted this very unusual small car. It was perhaps a little longer than a smart, but narrower.. about half the width of a normal car. I think it probably had rear seats. It was vaguely "Honda"-ish in shape and bright yellow and I couldn't see any identifying names on the back of the car to narrow down the manufacturer.I suspect it might be a Japanese "kei" car that was custom imported, as I've never heard of such a vehicle being on sale here in Canada.We spotted it near the intersection of Don Mills Rd. and Lawrence Ave.I know that's not much to go on, but does anyone know anything about that car?Thank you.
  8. Hi. :)My 'camera' was an Android Nexus One, rather than an iPhone. It's camera is ok, but certainly a purpose built SLR and/or an HD video camera would be a great addition to our next meet.Glad to hear that you all enjoyed the video. I've uploaded the pre-uploaded-to-YouTube video to MediaFire if you would like to grab a copy. It's a bit clearer as it hasn't been run through another layer of compression: (373MB)
  9. Hi. It's taken a while but I've finally finished editing and uploading the video to YouTube: (Warnings: The music will probably not be to everyone's tastes.. I just threw in a few that I currently like. Also the video quality is only so-so.)And here are the photos I took: 1, 2, 3, 4... ...5 smart cars. With 5 drivers and 2 passengers. Photo Op Photo Op; Low Down My super happy self, accidentally photo'd by my on-roof camera. If you want to download larger sized versions I think you can do that by visiting my album on Picasa.Thank you all for a great day! Was very cool meeting you all and chatting about cars.. now I have a couple more mods (at least) to do.
  10. Hi. I put together a Google Maps map of the route, based on cadillacman's map. According to Google it's about 28 km long and about an hour or so of driving. See you tomorrow.
  11. 5. andr01dm - Andrew (No coffee for me, thank you. )
  12. Megumi now has a new passenger window. It took a while, but it was actually fairly simple to do, and kind of fun learning more about how my car is put together. Thank you for the advice. I couldn't do that in our parking garage, it's just too filthy down there and the interior would be ruined. I am going to leave the glove box open whenever she's parked, so it's plain to see that there's nothing inside worth smashing the window for.
  13. I like the idea of it, but it's just not quite ugly enough for my tastes. Maybe a few asymmetrical lumps and a paint job like it's been driven through a cow? (Just kidding.) It is quite stunningly ugly though. I just couldn't buy one because of that, especially not when there are lots of sexy looking motorcycles & scooters available, for less $ too. I wish Carver were still in business and selling 'em in Canada.
  14. My 2010 Passion (black tridion, black panels, red interior) was broken into last night.. one of seven cars in the community's underground parking garage that were vandalized. Nothing was stolen, as I don't keep anything worth stealing in her, but they smashed the passenger window in and rifled through the glove box. I believe that my having left the suction cup mount for my TomTom attached to the window was probably the reason that the thief or thieves selected my car for smashing into. Lesson learned; never leave -anything- in your car that would encourage thieves. I've ordered a new window from M-B - $127 + tax - it should arrive in the morning and I plan to spend some of tomorrow installing it. Hopefully the info on Eviloution will be enough to get me through it.. if not I'll have to buy access to the online manual. This is the second time my car (not this one) has had the passenger window smashed in by thieves, while parked in "secure" underground tenant parking (not this location). The last time was children looking for cigarette money, and the next night some stoners 'borrowed' my as-yet-unrepaired car to smoke up in. This time around I've parked my car with the passenger door right up next to the wall so the door can't be opened. Yay for living in the big city. -.-