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  1. Thank you sir!
  2. Thanks Mike. I probably will take in there.Hmm... Wrong forum really. I meant to post this in "General vehicle operation and maintenance".
  3. I could use some advice trying to diagnose my smart. Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.Our story thus far...My 2005 Pulse with just over 98,000 Km, starts well and idles OK at about 850rpm, but kicks out lots of black smoke when revving the engine. It clears up a bit when over 2000rpm, but often gives off dirty grey smoke either in the driveway or when driving.When pulling away from a stop, it's slow, lacks power, shudders a bit, and almost stalls. Poor power on the highway.RPMs are not limited and can exceed 3000.Recently, the engine light did come on with codes P0401 & P0402 on the Scangauge2, so I cleaned the EGR valve (in situ) and the lights cleared.To eliminate the EGR valve as the source of the problem, I purchased and installed the EGR Emulator. No change.I have examined and sprayed the Wastegate Actuator linkage with graphite spray. It seems to have adequate freedom of movement. I've also removed and checked the hose that goes from the bottom of the Turbo to the Actuator body; it's clear. Looking at the Turbo, with the air intake off, it appears clean and not sooty or furry.Oil level is about 3/4 full and there are no significant oil leaks, except for the usual bit of a mess around the CCV tube.On the Scangauge, MAP at idle shows 14.5, but when driving up to 3000rpm and beyond will only go as far as 20 to 22.No change when the air filter is temporarily removed; still low MAP readings and black smoke.I must admit (mea culpa) that after a run, I don't always let the Turbo cool down with an extended idle.My guess is that the Turbo is dead/dying or the Wastegate valve is somehow broken inside the main exhaust pipe.In either case, I'll probably have to bite the bullet and have it serviced. Any suggestions for other things to check and any recommendations for economical non-MB service in the GTA?Thanks in advance, Keith.
  4. Can you determine the valve position by the Error Code being generated (P0401 or P0402) or would you need to actually examine the solenoid or valve?
  5. Hi,Please let me know if your winter tire/wheels set is still available.I'm interested.Keith
  6. Errr... Wouldn't it block the speakers? Eh? What's that? I can't hear you! I've got a banana in my ear!Keith
  7. A very interesting article! Thanks Bill.Hmm... I guess this is so controversial it has drawn no reponses.They refer to acetone as a vaporization additive rather than a fuel additive and suggest 2oz. per 10 US gallons.So I guess-timate that would be about 1oz per smart tank?The article states that tests on fuel system components (seals and tubing) show no problems when used at their recommended ratio.Is anyone using acetone in their smart?Would it interact with other fuel additives? Do other fuel additives already contain it?I'm certainly curious and may wander in to a local beauty-supply outlet (the recommended source) and try it out.
  8. Just found this on the CBC website: Buck-a-litre fuel only boosting interest in already popular Smart car StreamGreen_Keith
  9. Hi there from south Etobicoke (west end of Toronto)! I'm a boomer (54), transplanted from Blighty at an early age, so I'm largely Canadian with only a few British delusions. I ride herd on verbiage (I'm a technical writer) for a large computer mega-corp. My only mod is an Upsolute Tuning tweak to the ECU and it makes quite a difference. You don't have to be quite as strategic about highway passing and the shifting is definitely a fraction of a second quicker. It's still no acceleration demon, but now it's like a real car! Doesn't seem to affect mileage (kilometreage?) either. I'm mainly doing city driving and just started to squeak 500km per tank at 10,000km on the odometer. I love my smart. It's the most fun I've had with a car since my 68 Land Rover station wagon (I loved to start the beast with the hand-crank at A&W Drive-Ins) or my 69 MGB. Both are long gone, but the smart makes the commute and the obligatory grocery shopping fun. Strange women come up to me in parking lots and tell me I have a cool car. (Ah!... Every male's juvenile fantasy!)
  10. I think we're safe with fortwo's. Xan is quite correct with her comments on possessive and plural word stuffing. I sigh when I see sloppy plurals with 's. (I'm a technical writer so I'm paid to be neurotic about verbiage.) However, you can be flexible to improve clarity; so "fortwo's" would be acceptable as a plural. You can check the online version of The Complete Plain Words by Sir Ernest Gowers. Chapter 10 is on Punctuation: The first item is the Apostrohpe. Points a) and covers it nicely. The Complete Plain Words is certainly very British and dated (1956 I think), but it's actually very sensible and sometimes fun to read. Unfortunately his pronouns are often male-oriented. Such were the times. It has great examples of bad phrasing: "If the baby does not thrive on raw milk, boil it." Ah, the excitement of parenthesis and the rapture of semicolons! (You can tell I have a pathetic life!) At least I have my smart car coupe. Especially with it "chipped" by Upsolute for extra zip! (I like it! No appreciable hit to the fuel economy either.) Hmm... My first post here. I'd better do an entry in the "Intro" thread.