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  1. HI, Does anyone have Moon Wheel Covers they'd like to get rid of for some decent money? Please, let me know. Mike
  2. Hi, using it on my 451 for three years so far, very helpful, but had to replace the original tape once for better grip.
  3. Hi,Does anyone have by any chance a left- side fog lamp for 451?
  4. Thank you very much! It's exactly what I was looking for.
  5. HI,I was trying to find a link to a Wiper-Washer Mod Topic discussed here several months ago. What could be a part number for this Washing kit please?
  6. Check Carcorner's (spelling could be wrong) in Markham.
  7. Hi,I installed a Train Horn in my Smart and it sounds quite impressive. It gives about 150 Db, when it sounds, the rest behave very respectively. Check hornblasters.com.
  8. Hi, I would agree with the author of this article. http://www.evilution.co.uk/servicing/the_a...change_myth.htm
  9. Thank you very much! Will follow your advice.
  10. HI,I am wondering what could be the widest winter tires available for the Smart car?
  11. Hi,Today I've experienced a lack of power and automatic switching from "D" to "N". Two wrenches are blinking on the screen. What that could be?Regards,Michael
  12. No, that should be a socket, but it's most likely in 450, not in 451
  13. Is there any rear service socket in 451? And if so, where that could be?
  14. Hi Alex,Here' s more data: it doesn't make any noise, except probably I can hear the relays clicking but not actual locks, I can see the lights blinking. The button inside doesn't react.
  15. Hi,I cannot lock the car form the key nor to unlock the passenger's door. Is it a fuse? Or what could be the problem? If it's a fuse, then where can I find it?