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  1. Hi Guys.....I shut down the web site this was on, but I still have all the info, so feel free to PM me if you need anything. Cheers!Dan the former smart owner.....
  2. As long as you still have your TAN code, unless they replaced your computer, you "should" be able to re-apply it, as the code should be for that computer.You'd need to find someone with Star to do it, but should not have to get a code generated again. (Some of them seem to "expire", but I don't think that one does)That's the thought anyway......Cheers!Dan
  3. Raversnet....Where are you?I'm in Calgary. I won't generate the TAN code, but can apply it if you get it from someone like Fast Eddy.Cheers!Dan
  4. Gang...... CAR IS NOW SOLD! Thanks for your interest! - Dan I've been struggling with this decision for a while, but finally decided to sell my smart. Passion model. Came from the factory with: Underseat storage Heated Seats A/C Auto (Sport Touch) Leather Seats 2 chips in the windshield, otherwise in great shape. Mercedes services this car. I have 5 cars, and just don't have the time to drive. (plus the SLK is nicer in the summer). I've added a thousands of dollars of extras to the car, not the least of which: Spikeline 16" three spoke wheels. (Summer) These alone were $3,600. Hankook winter tires on factory passion rims. Wabasto diesel heater 11 speaker stereo (no, that's not a typo) Factory Cruise Control Xenon headlights Wireless window controllers .....and many more.... Click here for all the extra's on this car. 2005 smart extras! Contact e-mail: Dan Contact Phone: (587) 228-8374 Cheers! Dan
  5. 2seat.....It doesn't really "interface" to the car at all. If you watch the engadget clip, you notice it's sits on "aux" the whole time, and they are really just sending the Audio to the radio, so sure it will work with the 450, or a Ford truck for that matter. It's on the U.S. Store, but actually I don't see it on the Canadian store either.Cheers!Dang
  6. Derek.... I don't know if it's the wheel base or what, but I find an amazing amount of smart cars on the road have badly aligned headlights. The mount system for them is poor as well, which might be a factor. The fact multiple people were flashing at you is a good indication the problem is you. Here's one description of how to adjust them. http://www.r32argent.ca/Parts%20&%20Ac...0headlights.pdf The only real requirement is a flat level surface, though you do have to take the front off. I bet you find your headlights are quite a ways out. The truck thing make sense. I've seen quite a few smarts where they are so far out, it doesn't really bother normal cars since the light goes right over them, you need a tall vehicle like a truck to get blinded. Cheers! Dang
  7. I have it.It keeps the car nice and stable at speeds about 200kph. Dang
  8. That does look nice!If you can still add me on, that would be great!Cheers! Dang
  9. Sorry Derek, missed your question.I'm getting about 7.5l/100 in the city. I don't drive it particularily economical. Cheers! Dan
  10. See, thats what I like about it.If you are looking at the "lower" end of the price range (I paid less for my 2010 cube than my 2005 smart), there are a zillion perfectly good cars you can choose from. Corolla, Versa, Civic, Elantra, etc. are all perfectly good cars..... and mind numbingly boring. I like "different", which is what was the draw for both the smart and the cube. In both cases there just about isn't anything like it on the road. I like the fact not everyone likes these cars (either the smart or the cube). Think different!What is surprising is you don't really give anything up on the cube for comfort or practicality. In fact, I would say it's probably the most practical car I've owned. (though I've owned a lot of impractical cars.) I'm not sure I like the CVT yet though.Cheers! Dang
  11. I've had a 2010 cube since December. I bought it just as my "travel" car (as a smart is not great in the winter), but I'm surprised how much I like it. Like the smart, it brings a smile every time I drive it, and it is amazingly comfortable. It's also quite easy to mod/personalize, even though they are "quirky" right from the showroom floor (the tach is the moon, the speedo the Earth). I'm really enjoying it! Dang
  12. Congrats Duck!My brother has the older Prius (and we have a Camry hybrid). They are facinating cars. It's a marvel how the drivetrain in them works.Enjoy! Dang
  13. Welcome jazzbaby to a fellow Calgarian!Cheers! Dang
  14. That little Mazda looks great! Somehow yellow is the perfect color for it.Congrats on the purchase! Dang
  15. Welcome fellow Calgarian!Hope you have a great time in your smart!Dang