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  1. Hi. I drive an 08 smart car. I have installed a solar panel on the passenger side sun visor. It blends in so it is not noticed, and looks factory. I took the time of removing all the trim and hiding the wires behind. It connects right to the battery. I generaly have the visor down on the passenger side thus exposing the panel in the front window. If I have a passenger they can flip up the visor and have nothing in the way of their view. There is no need to unplug the panel from the battery ever. However as with anything hooked to the battery you want a fusable link on the hot side.I will post a pic in the morning, its pretty dark here right now.
  2. In the past I have used a coolant heater/circulator. It is an inline deal and very easy to install. I have found these to be the best option for getting heat the fastest from the heater. I have used them for many winters in Calgary, although never with a smart car. Thats what I plan to use this year in my smart for an Ontario winter.GL
  3. Very nice.
  4. Hey guys I am Kevin.I used to know nothing about the smart car. Then I drove one. I liked it. So I bought a 2008 smart fortwo. Not many options, but a decent car. I like it, and feel good that it still has some factory warrenty. Its white, with a black tridon safety cell. I am looking forward to showing up as many cars as possable this winter. Everyone who knows the cars speeks highly of its winter capeability.
  5. Wow, thats a decent deal.