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  1. I was having a similar issue in the fall. I could drive my car on the highway, but sometimes when I pulled off the highway, on the off ramp, my car would get 3 bars and come rolling to a stop, as it would as you say, shut itself down. It ended up being the wire harness to the engine was frayed and needed replaced.
  2. My car was doing the same thing. Ended up being the Transmission sensor needed replaced. The rebuilt transmission that had been put in my car 1 month prior wasn't able to register the gear changes, especially 6th gear.
  3. Was hoping to join you's - co-worker called in sick today, just finished working 14 1/2 hours only to get home to find a message on my machine that she isn't going to work her shift tomarrow night either - so much as for letting me know while I was at work all day. Guess I can't make it out-.
  4. Our grey car had that sticky wastegate issue already. I know how you felt not being able to get over a certain speed :-)
  5. Hoping to make it for supper - Should be out of work on time
  6. I just caught the end of the report on the radio and missed the location. If there is black ice though it usually happens right by the Drumbo exits.
  7. Monday night there was a 15 car pile-up on the 401 outside of Woodstock due to snow and black ice.
  8. Today while out running errands I had started my car, shifted from N to 1st gear, got the three bars and the beeping. I tried it again, shifting back to N then back to 1st gear, three bars and beeping, accidently hit the Auto button on the shifter and bars disappeared, beeping stopped, so I drove home quick before IT got stuck somewhere. When IT parked it at home I tried shifting it back and forth between N and firt, out of 5 attempts it barred and beeped twice. What issue would I be looking at this time?
  9. /Both my smarts have had to be parked around the corner from my house as our street is in the process of being repaired and is a big mud puddle. Both cars are untouched :-)
  10. Considering the CDI's were here longer you would think we would be more loyal ? And if you own 2 smart cars, do you get double the loyalty ?
  11. When my egr valve got plugged up it was shooting out black smoke a block long, driving it 30 miles to get it cleaned out,it would only go 60 km per hour, until a transport passed me on a back road and the car would have nothing to do with being passed, the valve closed and the car took off after the transport :-)
  12. We have a drive-in movie theatre just outside of town. Great to go to in the summer if you like to be up late. Prices are good, beats paying high price at the reg movie theatre.:-)
  13. Update on two out of commission smarts. One just needed a new starter, the other one needed a complete overhaul - rebuilt fuel pump, rebuilt starter, rebuilt motor, and a battery. Anyone have a towel I can borrow? We have run out of dry ones.