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  1. Looking for a 450 Cabrio door, mirror, and glass in western Canada, preferably. Located one near Edmonton. Done.
  2. Adding on to the thread. The outside bulb on the 2006 model is the low beam, using the H 7. The inside bulb is the high beam, and uses an H1. The DRL is served by a #74 bulb, placed inside and above the high beam bulb.
  3. I stumbled in too late.
  4. Thanks to those who went before. Our smart recently stranded Rita, after 3 starts during a shopping run. Lights looked bright, starter spins fast enough, so set battery voltage aside. Crawled under with a flashlight, looked like all pulleys were turning, so set aside alternator. Pulled SAM and wiggled wires, success. Test drive over some rough streets, with multiple start attempts, all looked good. Just before I handed over the keys, one more try. No start. Drop SAM, wiggle wiggle wiggle, finally starts. Get home, and pull connector pictured. 3rd pin has white schmutz around nose of connector. Pin on SAM looks ok, though. Pull out wire pin and clean with tooth-pick. This connector has a black, gaping maw, while the others all have a nice shiny contact point. Cleaning helped, but pushing the contact point back to the centre of the connector made it look a lot more like the rest. The car would ALMOST start, if left for 1/2 hour or so. Thanks all.
  5. xak, if you're still looking for a plastic insert, talk to the guy at California Soft Tops, in Edmonton. He used to be on Calgary Trail, south of Argyll. He's done some repairs, and a couple custom Jeep tops for us.