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  1. I had this problem in 2015 while at the Tail of the Dragon meet. It got so prevelant that I hesitated to switch off in case I could get the car started again. When I got back to Montreal I applied a bit of silicon lubricant, not much as I didn't want to 'gum' up the works. Since then I haven't had a recurrance.
  2. Drove the Bolt and was quite impressed. Liked the L setting that lets you drive with one pedal. Liked the range that I am told by an owner of 18 months is realistic. Liked the fact that other than rotate the tyres every 8000km and change the cabin airfilter at 36000kms there is basically no maintenance. Did not like the price, cheap interior plastics small trunk. Waiting now for a look at the Kona from Hyundai with almost identical performance wrt range, power etc but no price declared or the LR Leaf or dare I say it even the SR Tesla 3 which should be emerging at the turn of the year. It's an exciting time to buy what may be my last new car but whatever it is is I'm pretty sure it'll be electric and I don't anticipate any more range anxiety that I used to get driving my diesel Smart down to Tennessee and North Carolina. Lol. Anyway I will still have Granny Smith for sunny days.
  3. I changed my dark blue to Green metallic in 2010 on my 2006 Pulse. Now after 8 years I have some stone chips but otherwise fine. I removed the panels and rubbed them down to create a base for the spray job. Ran about $200 per panel at that time. I also removed the photon torpedo launchers at the back and fitted UK rear lights with the high intensity red fog light. Have really enjoyed having a unique Smartie.
  4. Several years ago I modified the actuator with a brass tip and have had no problems since but now I'm thinking that I haven't checked it lately! I am having difficulty following your fix Dave. How does it still work if the fork becomes punched through? I didn't see a drawing of your fix only the fork itself. What am I not understanding about this?
  5. I can confirm that Troy knows his Smarts. He got ours up from the dead and now running as good as new for the second summer after the resurrection. He will charge fairly and discuss option frankly to let you make an informed choice.
  6. Good to see that even in a 10 year old car the safety systems did their job. Gives me confidence in Granny Smith.
  7. Broke a couple of the tabs myself. Easy to do.
  8. True but I'll take the risk just for the freedom and fresh air. Lol!
  9. Well we just got Granny Smith back from Troy at the weekend and after a Brain and Bowel transfer (SAM & Clutch) together with some knowledgable TLC she's running like a new machine. We still have worries at the back of our minds about her heart and lungs (engine & blower) after 181000kms but feel we could even plan for the Dragon again. Thanks Troy.
  10. Sorry to hear you've said goodbye Dom. Thanks for your help in the past. Keep in touch with us all as we struggle on with our little vehicles. A la prochaine. 2seat
  11. Back on board after almost a year out with Granny Smith being unreliable and me with no time. Finally bit the bullet and took her to Troys on a trailer. Waiting now for diagnosis but it seems she'll need some money to get her ready for her 10 year anniversaqry in October. Maybe before then we can take her back down to the Tail of the Dragon again. That was a good run much enjoyed. We'll keep you advised on progress. 2seat
  12. Merci pour l'invitation.We'll try to be there depending on our transport!
  13. Had the same problem years ago and have never fixed it so I was interested in the idea above but haven't got round tuit yet!
  14. Yeah my supplier of a few years ago in Baie d'Urfe (QC) stopped selling it last year as I found out when I went round there to stock up.haven't found anywhere else local to the West Island.
  15. Here's a couple of interesting wraps from several years ago in the UK. Pick your side in the BoB!See you can have almost anything!2seat
  16. I took all my panels of and preeped them myself with fine emery paper. A small garage that I was recommended on the West Island did a fine job of painting them about 3 years ago with no sign of peeling or flaking of the paint or clearcoat. He did however express the opion that you had to know what you are doing when spraying on plastic as the flexability was different to metal parts.The cost at that time was about $200 for each panel regardless of size. I think there are 8 panels.2seat
  17. Got mine at the weekend.Thanks for the heads up Francesco.jon
  18. Finally did the UJ lubrication. Now we'll see if it frees up the stiffness in the steering.Now on to the next snags. They're unending
  19. Far far far down the Autobahn!
  20. This sounds a great idea. Got to check first if we're around but we'll let you know.2seat
  21. +1 for the Belleville area. Hamilton is just too far from Montreal unless you're making it a really long weekend.Belleville is perfectly doable on a day trip from Montreal but a 2 day would be nice also.Come this way and we'll meet you guys half way!
  22. Smart Car - Stupid Driver!
  23. Brilliant Tolsen!Kudos to clear thinking and taking the "other" path2seat
  24. Just got a similar fault on mine . Steering is very heavy and doesn't return to centre when released when moving.Did greasing the UJs work or was there further problems?