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  1. Hi, We moved to Victoria, BC last year. Love it! Looking for a recommendation for an oil change and service here. Thanks. Sheila
  2. Hi,A while ago, I changed the GPS voice to British. It was fun for a while, but now I'm getting tired of hearing her say, "To exit the motorway..."I know where to change the language (from English to French, for instance), but can't find where to change the accent. Thanks for your help!Sheila
  3. We're over on the Sunshine Coast, but our weather these days is pretty similar to Vancouver's. Yes, I've experienced the Fishtail. The first day it snowed, I tried backing down the driveway but did some scary sliding. Got my DH to try, and he had the same result. It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, with the temperature rising. Fingers crossed!
  4. thanks for the welcome, Schmart and Prairie Boy.My smart and I are snow-bound today. We have a very steep driveway, and long steep hill down to the highway into town. Last winter, I don't think we had a single flake, but this year is shaping up to be cold and snowy.May have to get some snow tires, if this keeps up....
  5. Right you are. I was looking at the design 8 specs on the price list Here's a pic of the Nav panel. You can change the background colour to suit your mood.
  6. Hi Mike,The wheels are "design 9", double 3-Spoke.I *think* the tires are:Front - 155/60 R15Rear - 175/55 R15
  7. Hi All,I can't believe it's been a week since I picked up my new Blue Baby!She's a 2011 Passion, light blue metallic, with touch-screen multi-mediaand navigation system. Very bee-yoo-ti-ful! Thanks to the guys who recommended Lulu at the North Van MB dealer. She's been great. Cheers,Sheila
  8. I picked up my beautiful new Smart in North Van yesterday.LOVE this car!Gorgeous colour. And Touch Screen navigation and multi-media. So many things to discover about it.... Sheila
  9. Thanks, everyone!And hey, Steve. Nice to meet a fellow Coaster here. I did see Lulu in North Van on Sunday and bought the new 2011 Light Blue Metallic Passion Coupe! Apparently there was only one 2011 Light Blue in Greater Vancouver. Had to go later in the day to Richmond to see it. It took them about 40 minutes to find it. Wasn't on display.If I'd wanted to customize my options, it would have been February before I'd get the car. Just cdn't wait that long!Going over tomorrow to pick it up. Very excited!
  10. Great suggestion...I talked with Lulu just now and we're meeting Sunday morning!
  11. Thanks for the feedback, guys.Aaaaargh! We're going over next Sunday. I just checked and of the 4 Greater Vancouver Smart Centres, only Richmond is open on Sundays.
  12. Hi,I'm about to buy my first Smart. At first, I was leaning toward buying a used one, but now I'm lusting after a brand-new Passion Cab, blue or green.We live over on the Sunshine Coast and it's an all-day, expensive journey to get to Greater Vancouver to shop. Any recommendations on which dealer to start out with for the best selection? Or best service? Or best deals?Or all three? Thanks for your help!Clicklady