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  1. While dismantling my Smart, I found this wire, it looks proffesionally mounted, and heads toward the rear of the car from this area. Would any of you know what this could be, or used for?Wendy
  2. Well my resto is now starting to really take shape, the engine and rear running gear have been roughly fitted, just some welding and a little customizing for support and safety. We have to slightly widen the rear wheel arches but other than that the fit was almost flawless. We are going to be using the front wheels on the back because they are narrower, so I have to find two more front wheels to match, the wheels in the pic below are the rears still on and are too wide.Now to put in the front Smart running gear in and we have a rolling chassis to work with. Woo Hoo, I will post more as she progresses.Wendy & "Betty" the NSU 4 Two
  3. Way to go Izzy, got to love ICBC and the way they do things, NOT!!!!At least the car is yours now. Wendy
  4. Izzy: Dont fret on this thing with ICBC, I have done this exact thing with 2 cars now. No big deal at all really and I feel sorry for you at this point.Here is what to do, and what we have done and it works all the time.You have to have a signed bill of sale from the previous owner with the date of purchase and amount paid, and the cars VIN number and your name and info on it.Because this is a Alberta car, Alberta will not disclose the last owner, make a note of that when you called them.Go to your insurance broker and ask them for a Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signature declaration paper.Take this paper and write on it that you have the bill of sale, phoned alberta and they wont divulge info due to privacy act on the car, explain when you bought it and the Vin number etc. Make a little story out of it, for better reading. Fill in the required info on the statement, take it to a notary, and have them read it and notorize it for you. Price should be about 35.00.When this is done, take the notorized paper to your insurance broker with your inspection certificate, original bill of sale, and then they can register the car in your name.I know it is a bunch of pissin around, but it works every time, trust me been there and done it on 3 vehicles, 2 which were from ALberta.Good luck,Wendy
  5. Just want to thank Izzy for doing a teach in on Betty's clutch today, she did shift a lot smoother on the way home. And for giving me some hints on different things I should do with her codes., egr and hoses that are not needed. Very much appreciative of your time .John, sure you can post some pics, i dont mind at all. I am glad you both enjoyed seeing her.Bil thank you as well for coming to see her as well.Wendy
  6. Oh Bill that will be great, see you tomorrow, and Izzy. Oh so many questions to ask LOLWendy
  7. Bil, she will probably be close to the entrance with our other Prinz 4, the show is on the north end of the mall parking lot, by Sport check. Hopefully we will see you there.Wendy
  8. Hi Guys; Well the girl has been home for a few weeks, and I havnt driven her much, just short trips to town, and back. We had to make some little adjustments to some things, like her tail lights, and park lights, but other than that everything seems to be working well.I did notice, that when I did drive her, she seamed to be shifting kind of funny. I tried her in normal mode and soft touch mode and both ways were similar in the way the car shifted, I talked to my brother about this and he said when he drove her he noticed the same thing and was wondering if it may be the clutch actuator, either needing to be cleaned and regreased or on its way out. So before I attempted to take out the CA i followed the directions of one of the members here on adding some spray grease inside the CA by removing the boot and spraying the grease inside, replace the boot and then go for a drive. This did help shift were a little smoother, but still seamed weird to me.Well we notice there was a smart for sale at a local dealer, an 08 , but I am sure the year wont make any difference in how the car drives, we asked to take it for a spin? Sure, so off we went.....Well low and behold, the car shifts the same as mine, this must be a SMART thing, plus they both steer the same as well, so I have come to the deduction that my car is fine, and this is how Smarts shift. LOL BTW it was fun to drive a real SMART, it even had paddle shift which was cool.I know it was suggested by some to have a private SMART car guys veiwing, but to try and arrange a good time for all to see her at once would be hard so............For those on the list that would like to see her she will be at our local Fathers Day Car Show in Vernon, this coming Sunday from 9:00 - 3:00Oh yeah, she is a real hit with the local kids with the Tuner cars that hang out at Tim Hortins in the evenings, they think she is just AWSOME and COOL.Wendy
  9. SHE"S HOME Yes got new springs from Eddy, and the thermostat seems okay after a good burp!Wendy
  10. HI guys, I know I said she was coming home a while back, but due to some technical difficulties and weather she is now in transit!!!!! She should be home in a few hours, can hardly wait. Here she is all packed up and ready for her road trip. Wendy
  11. I still have 2 rear passions rims with tires, tires are in fairly decent shape and would do one or more seasons. Make me a offer I cant refuse and they are yours. Wendy These wheels are SOLD, rolling their way to Ontario.
  12. I had a good laugh last Saturday. We took a picture of our NSU resto we did to the Kelowna MB dealership, to show the parts guy in there who has given us a hand with a few things related to our donor car. Anyhoo, showed him the pics, and he was quite taken with the car, and I have to quote him here " That the most intesting thing I have seen done to a Smart Car" Some how I dont think he gets what we have done....LOL we told him we would bring the car down to show him when it gets home, and he said he would love to see it, I really think he is going to be surprised to see what we did. LOLWendy
  13. Mike that car is in great shape, do you still drive it? What did you want done to it?Wendy
  14. Happy belated B-Day MikeWendy
  15. Are you looking for the preheater? Looks like this?Wendy
  16. Mike, I googled your car, nice little number, I would restore it, do you have a pic of yours? Hey you can ask my brother about doing the car. He works for Zeebz performance and Restoration in Calgary. www.zeebs.caThanks to all the others who posted with Congrats, now we just have to wait till she comes home, then I can drive it HE HE.Wendy
  17. Well some more good news, on SUnday at the World of Wheels show, Betty took another prize, she won the CASI Cup, WOO HOO, we were really shocked at this award. Here she is with her trophy. pretty good odds getting this out of 250 + car that were there. Wendy oh yeah and a little video of the show someone posted on you tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbavyosORMc
  18. Thanks again guys for the nice comments, well I seen her in person yesterday and wow is all I can say, the pics really dont do the car justice. She did surprise us though she got a Best in her Class award, and that makes me really happy. Bill we will drive her, only on sunny days though LOL Here is the link to her build video, there is a couple of pictures that got missed in the upload dont know why. Wendy
  19. Well here she is in all her glory, brother had to send a pic to satisfy my curiosity.wendy
  20. Well thanks to all for having a look at my resto project. To answer all the inquiring minds we are running the 145 all around, would have like to use the wider rears but I just didnt want the rear fenders being pushed out to look like some hot rods do, no offense to those who have cars like that but we wanted to keep her as original looking as possible.I dont have a complete finished photo of her, my brother finished everything today and did a fine detailing on her but wont let me see her until I get to Calgary on saturday, the suspense is killing me now.I have made a pictoral video of the car since her arrival here to the finish of this project, which will be diplayed at the show on a monitor to show the public what this car went through. At the end of the video I have given thanks to all who have contributed to the project in one way or another, and in those thanks I have put Club Smart Car, because with out the help and knowledge you guys have given me in the last two years I dont think this would have been possible.So I give thanks to all you guys, your a great bunch of folks....... some who I have met in person and others only by email, I could not suggest a better forum for anyone to join as the wealth of knowledge and help here is topnotch!!!I will post a photo on Saturday when I get home of her in all her glory.Thanks again guysWendy & "Betty" the NSU fortwo
  21. Mike: The rad is in the back behind the engine, with a larger than OE electric fan, it will suck air through the engine hood grills and push out the hot air out under the car at the rear, similar to what the old FIAT 600's had.Here she is with hr front bumper on, and a view of the interior now doneWendy
  22. Thanks Bil, and Lito for taking a look, as far a selling the car at some point, who knows..........I suppose if someone offered me a financial windfall for it, it could find another home, as long as it was the right home like Jay Leno's garage LOLHere is another pic of her from last nights progress. The front bumper still wasnt finished.Wendy
  23. Thanks Bil, Glenn and scwmcan, much appreciated.Glenn, seen the car at the auction, and in need of a resto, but a good price non the less, last year one sold for 22K.Bil: Hopefully if all things go right, and weather permits she will be home the first week of April, then I will have a private SMART club viewing for her LOLWell here is todays shot. Looking superb, cant wait for the bumpers next.Wendy
  24. Thanks Mike, no wheelies fo ror this girl. Well a new view of her behind with the tail light in and engine cover now on. Getting closer now to the finish. I finally get to see her on Saturday in person, first time in over 2 years. Woo HOOWendy