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  1. Duracool since 2007 (I think, Duck did it for me at the Niagara Cruise). Happy to report it works again this year. Gave me goose bumps on bare arms at 20C outside temperature while running on the highway.
  2. True. A recent trip in windy & rainy conditions in a Toyota Yaris 3-door hatch had me wishing I was in the smart. That car was actually worse in the wind.Then again, I've been known to take my lowered mini cooper w/ aero kit on windy days instead of the smart. The corrections can be tiresome at times in the smart. I believe that the car moves on the suspension more than the wheels move around on the road. You feel like the car is tossing all over the road, but often times it's just a shake to the cabin. Stick to the right lane, stay near the shoulder and you have a good few feet before you need to correct. Even though it feels like it, you won't get a gust that blows you 3-4 feet out of your path. You grow used to just how far the car is moving around, it's not actually that much. The more you can relax the more feel you'll have for it. Rarely do I have to use two hands in the smart. Much different than the death grip I had on the wheel during the first two weeks of ownership.
  3. It has not been fixed yet, so that total is not final. I had an issue with non-starting diagnosed as a faulty relay to the fuel pump. After getting the relay in, they claim the SAM is gone as well. Part cost for the SAM is apparently $1000, plus diagnostic labour, plus install labour, plus taxes.Car will definitely be up for sale after this fix. Not going to fall into the trap thinking my smart will be the magic ONE that will not run into the recurring $2000+ repair bills. Totally ok with somebody else trying their luck with my car though. It's been good except for this issue and a previous water/electrical related fault. Unfortunately the smart gods do not believe in Karma or electrical bits sealed appropriately for our winters.
  4. Could always try stating the obvious... sigh.Wonder if the air conditioning will work this year. It's time to make our wagers.
  5. Point of this advice? The answer to the question being asked is not in the owners manual. Half the posts on this forum could probably have somebody post this as a response. Not helpful at all.
  6. Neat story. It would take me years to realize that my A button wasn't working, or it was missing. In fact, I wonder if it is there and it is working. I haven't touched it in a few years.
  7. If the horn that is broken is one that people can't really hear anyway... does it matter? ;)Good question about the airbag though. One would expect that to be covered by the fault light. There must be some electrical contact that allows the wheel to spin, but still register the paddle and horn signals. (thinking about the brake cable Gyro on my bmx bikes growing up). Probably a bad connection has developed, perhaps some corrosion on some contacts?
  8. I'm aware of the trade-offs in fuel economy. Fuel economy as a motivator was great for 4 years, but it's not the only feature I consider anymore. I've driven my mini cooper the majority of the winter, so I'm ok with higher fuel economy using Premium fuel.I appreciate the feedback. Good selling point though for a future buyer. This car is a steady 4.2L/100km performer.
  9. Hey Everyone,I'm looking at potentially taking advantage of the incentives on a 2009 smart for current owners. As part of that deal, I would trade in my current smart. As an option, I could look at selling it. I would be looking at about $10k, but could go lower for the right buyer and a quick sell. Here are some details on the car... (will find some pics). Many of the long time members know the car and the care put into it.Purchased December 24th, 2004.Jack Black, Black Tridion PulseBlue Interior122,000 current kilometersDaily driver from Bowmanville to Leaside (Toronto). About 70% hwy, 30% city driving.I have taken the bumperettes off, but they can be put back on.Currently decorated with decals from . They can be removed before purchase or left on.Newish (15,000 km) rubber on summer alloys.Winter steelies included, will need new rubber next winter.Kenwood head unit w/ aux-in for iPOD/MP3 player. Pioneer speakers on rear deck. Original radio included with sale.Additional 12V socket under dash.Washer nozzle on wiper arm modification included.All service records available. Routine service always completed on time. Recent belt & fuel filter replacement.K&N Filter"Knight Rider" light installed in grille (seriously, ask Duck).A little winter grungy at the moment, but would be fully detailed upon delivery.I can't predict the future, but this car has a solid history.If you're interested, let me know via PM. Otherwise, it will likely get traded in. Make an offer!
  10. Mine: UCOMPNS8Saw a MINI the other day with: SUV THIS
  11. I have not seen posted yet, but it's a pretty cool video. Ontario car, wonder if it's a CsC member? I always laugh at the thought of a Brabus CDI... nothing but lipstick.
  12. No advice from me... but I understand your frustration and wish you good luck. These cars can test our patience when they go bad, and unfortunately you're the high mileage guinea pig at times. I still can't believe you get a loaner...
  13. "It's amazing that little car was able to muster that type of performance"I love how a guy who says he owns a smart has no idea about it's performance. Drive the thing dude.
  14. Almost at 120 000km... I forget when I passed the 100k mark. The smart is having a good winter, after I replaced the battery. No major issues other than the water in the electrical brake components last year that kept it parked for weeks on end. MB must have used some great electrical tape as a fix.
  15. I have to replace my original Conti Winters... I think my coworker is running Hankook IceBears that he snagged pretty cheap some place in Toronto. I'll get more info from him next week and let you know. My plan was to get a set of Blizzaks, but not I fear not being accepted by Duck