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  1. Hello everyone,It's been a while since I logged in as we have been very happy with our 2010 smart and have had no problems up until now. We are on vacation in South Portland Maine after driving all the way from Manitoba and set to check out of the hotel and head out on the trip home tomorrow. While out tonight the blower motor suddenly and abruptly stopped working. I have checked the fuses and they're all good and not sure what to do from here. We're calling the local Mercedes dealership in the morning and hoping it'll be covered on our extended warranty. Hoping it won't take 14 days or something to get a new motor and that it won't cost much as we're out of vacation money. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get us back on the road? What can I check? I'd feel better if I could at least get it safely back into southern Ontario to get it looked at. Unfortunately it's supposed to rain the next day or so, so we need that blower to defog the windows. It's a 2010 smart fortwo passion. Any help or advice would be appreciated. ThanksChris
  2. It is minus 29c where I'm at today. The 451 complained but still started first try. If you do dare to start your wee smarty in this weather take it for a LONG drive after to charge the battery. A couple short trips would probably leave to stranded in no time as you run the battery down. Chris
  3. Most of the wear happened at highway speed driving 160km round trip to work on tertiary highways. Highways are paved but not the best maintained and can be rather uneven in spots. I had the wear checked at MB Winnipeg and they said everything is working normally, no alignment issues. 20k just seems a bit extreme. Guess I'll get a set of Continentals in the spring and see how they do.
  4. Just wondering how many km people get out of their rear tires with the 451? The Kumho solace tires that came with our smart when we purchased it in june were racing slick bald 20k km later in Nov when we swapped over to winter tires. The odd thing is that the front tires which are the same brand and model still look brand new at 30k km. Also does anyone have any recommendations for high mileage summer tires to purchase this spring?Thanks Chris
  5. We just had our first B service performed on our 2010 smart at MB Winnipeg for a total of $290. Chris
  6. I have a set of four winter rims off my old 2005 smart. They are yours / his for $200. Only catch is that I'd have to look up shipping cost from Manitoba. Chris
  7. I'm very interested in the tires and rims. Unfortunately you'd have to ship them to Manitoba for me. Could you pm me with the added postage cost to Virden MB? Thanks chris
  8. Hello, I have 4 Winter steel rims for a 450 diesel for sale. Stock sizes, 2 front rims that fit a 145/65/15 tire, and two rear rims that fit a 175/55/15 tire.I haven't made up my mind on a price so feel free to make an offer. I live in south western Manitoba near Brandon & am willing to travel a bit to arrange pickup / delivery. I haven't looked into shipping costs yet but I will if necessary.
  9. I have some steel winter rims that fit a diesel 450 that I'll be looking to get rid of soon, now that we have a 2010 451. This includes 2 front rims and 2 rear rims and the 4 black triangle plastic center covers. We haven't decided on a price yet as we still need to take our old winter rubber off for use on the new car. We're located near Virden Manitoba and can deliver as far as winnipeg.
  10. Just wondering what other people have done with the extra storage in the tailgate of their 451 coupe. I've seen a "fitted" emergency kit that can be purchased, and have been contemplating making my own out of dense foam. Anyone done anything interesting / useful with that extra space?Chris
  11. I suppose I should add our old cdi to the RIP registry.284641 | 2006 Smart | CDi | 110,000kms | Coupe | Pure | Black Pannels | Black Tridion | Frame DMG | Engine Runs | Location Virden / Brandon Manitoba
  12. Watching that just makes me sooo sad. I'll never understand why people do that.
  13. Just another quick update. We have been told that the 06 smart is going to be written off for $6800, which just about covers the old loan so we're very happy in that regard. Unfortunately we did not get back enough to warrant doing a "buy back". This is a shame as I really wanted to try and make some of the good remaining parts available to people on the forums However if you are interested in purchasing the car for yourself here is the link to the MPI salvage auction listings: The car should be up for auction in Brandon next month at the latest. Though there is a possibility that it may be moved to Winnipeg for auction thought it will be sometime after the current June 22 event. Information about the auctions can be found here: There will be pictures coming shortly, we are having some difficulty getting them to transfer off the cellphone to the computer atm Chris
  14. My wife and I went to doctor today for a post accident assessment. Mostly due to a requested from MPI (provincial car insurance) My wife got a clear bill of health and just ordered to be on light duties for a day or two at work. She is to return to work Thursday. On the other hand I'm a little more worse for wear. I have a badly bruised left collarbone and deep tissue injuries + minor whiplash on both sides of the neck and both shoulders, but still have full mobility of the shoulders and neck (surprising). Also have some minor bruising across the ribcage and substantial bruising across the tops of my thighs. Basically one three inch wide deep dark purple line along the top of each thigh. Very sore. I have been ordered off work for a week and told to not lift anything heavier than our largest cat if at all possible :)Considering what we hit it's surprising that this is all we have to deal with for injuries, and a testament to the safety of the smart car. Almost everyone within 200km of our home town has heard about the accident. We hear people talking about everywhere we go and get lots of questions once we admit it was us. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a couple more smart sales from this rural area :PI will be posting pictures of the car tomorrow shortly after we get to see it, and we do plan to add our story to the safe and smart website. We have been on the phone with MB today as well. The sales manager says he's going to do everything he can to help us get into a new smart as fast as he can. Mentioned something about having some 2010's that had "considerable room to play with the sticker price" so we'll see what happens. The sooner we get the a car the less it'll cost us for a rental. If it turns out that for whatever reason we're not able to buyback the car. I'm going to ask to be notified of when it goes to auction and post the into here for anyone that might want to purchase it. Might be handy for someone that wants a good used CDI engine. Chris
  15. For those that are interested. Here's a pic of the unlucky animal. It looks more like we hit it dead center and the upper body slid up over the car, judging by the circles of of missing hair along the length of the animal.I'm amazed at how well the smart held up. Considering we have no noticable injuries. The seat belts did such a good job in the absence of the air bags that wr don't even have whiplash, no neck braces or slings of any kind. We're very lucky.:)Chris