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  1. Venus You don't have one of these? How many Kms? Mine was after tax and licence fees.
  2. Hat would make sense, in my research ihsve found the the previous company that owned my car was a car share called Car2go. Which also explains the dirt left when they took the vinal wrap off around the edges.
  3. Thanks, I'll look harder in my area. I'm in southwestern Ontario but I'll keep that brand in mind. Any idea what that thing is in my dash?
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a set of all season or summer tires with rims for a 2016 Smart. Front 165/65 R15 Rear 185/65 R15 I haven't been on here for about 15 years.just got a 2016 Smart but it came with winter tires. Also had some questions about a few things like what is this in the pic. It's not in the operators manual. It's in my front windshield. Got alot of glare, sorry.
  5. One more question... Do any of the oldtimers have the pic of our cross Canada relay when we stopped in Sudbury?
  6. Hello, again... I haven been since here for about 15 years but it looks like I posted a couple times in 2009. For those who remember me I HAD a 2006 that I got into an accident with... Well.... I'M BACK!!! On friday I take ownership of a 2016 Smart ForTwo Coupe it has less than 35,000. I have 2 questions about my newish Smart... 1. I got it for under $9000 I think I got a deal... Did I? 2. I was just reading threw the owners manual and my question is... How imperative is it to use premium grade gasoline? I watched something on marketplace about premium making no difference in a regular car.
  7. The pics I seen was from a different crash, hit the back end of a trailer. If I remember correctly when the post was first made someone posted a pic of the said car intackedfound it, thanks everyone
  8. I know, I know. I wonder if those people that are that nieve to not take a Smart owner's word are still waiting for Bill Gates to send them that $ for forwarding that e-mail from way back?
  9. Hello all. It's been 2 years since I have been in the accident with my Smart, that laid him to rest. Since then I have been defending The Smart's name, reputation, safety and comfort. It seems like people will always think that a Smart wont hold its own in an accident. The reason I am writing is to ask for assistance to some photos of a car that ran into a truck that people assume is a Smart Car. Being once an owner I know it is NOT. I said to the person that I would prove it was not a smart but I can't seem to find the photos on thjs site anymore. (they were here 2 Y ago) Could someone point me in the right direction?MoJo
  10. Unfortunally I have to tuck my car in it somewhere warm. Maybe a year OR MORE!!!!!!! Should I start it periodically, If so how often? AND Maybe A good Ripppp when no one's watching. MoJo
  11. Just had my tires switched, cost me $10 and he's holding onto the other ones for me, no charge.
  12. 1. smart142+daughter#1(Alex) 2. wee dsl+1 3. Diesel Dave & Pam 4. SMRTENUF & SMRTENUF2 5. MrNatural and MrsNatural 6. Scott 7. The Lurker and Lu 8. Cheese4 9. smartnhappy 10. mattdaddy 11. SMARTING & Phyllis 12. Derek & Kelly 13. Vroom vroom & co-pilot (Tentative, trying to re-jig the weekend. Fingers crossed!) 14. Cliff and Alberta EDIT:For reasons unpredicted I will incapabable of attending
  13. Howdy Welcome, Dean and Pants Also, otisthecat has had one in tow this summer. click MoJo
  14. Any more graphic, I'd blush. EDIT: Where can I get that kind of service????????????
  15. Will there be more chapters as the story unfolds?