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  1. The pics I seen was from a different crash, hit the back end of a trailer. If I remember correctly when the post was first made someone posted a pic of the said car intackedfound it, thanks everyone
  2. I know, I know. I wonder if those people that are that nieve to not take a Smart owner's word are still waiting for Bill Gates to send them that $ for forwarding that e-mail from way back?
  3. Hello all. It's been 2 years since I have been in the accident with my Smart, that laid him to rest. Since then I have been defending The Smart's name, reputation, safety and comfort. It seems like people will always think that a Smart wont hold its own in an accident. The reason I am writing is to ask for assistance to some photos of a car that ran into a truck that people assume is a Smart Car. Being once an owner I know it is NOT. I said to the person that I would prove it was not a smart but I can't seem to find the photos on thjs site anymore. (they were here 2 Y ago) Could someone point me in the right direction?MoJo
  4. Unfortunally I have to tuck my car in it somewhere warm. Maybe a year OR MORE!!!!!!! Should I start it periodically, If so how often? AND Maybe A good Ripppp when no one's watching. MoJo
  5. Just had my tires switched, cost me $10 and he's holding onto the other ones for me, no charge.
  6. 1. smart142+daughter#1(Alex) 2. wee dsl+1 3. Diesel Dave & Pam 4. SMRTENUF & SMRTENUF2 5. MrNatural and MrsNatural 6. Scott 7. The Lurker and Lu 8. Cheese4 9. smartnhappy 10. mattdaddy 11. SMARTING & Phyllis 12. Derek & Kelly 13. Vroom vroom & co-pilot (Tentative, trying to re-jig the weekend. Fingers crossed!) 14. Cliff and Alberta EDIT:For reasons unpredicted I will incapabable of attending
  7. Howdy Welcome, Dean and Pants Also, otisthecat has had one in tow this summer. click MoJo
  8. Any more graphic, I'd blush. EDIT: Where can I get that kind of service????????????
  9. Will there be more chapters as the story unfolds?
  10. Is there any other car that actually tells you how many liters are left when under 5L? I find that really useful.
  11. When it rains it pours, I'm booked every weekend till the 18th of November. The agony, playing rocking tunes, sipping on suds and watching lovely lady's on the dance floor. How do I put up with it. On the 18th is my X-mas party for my other work.
  12. Mine stays in auto till I turn off the engine. You might pick up the habit of hitting the button as soon as you put your Smart into gear, whether you've shut the car off or not. You will realize your error when you take off and and hear rrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA. Or something to that effect. EDIT: I forgotten about manually shifting in auto, very handy for passing. Sometimes I find in automatic it doesn't shift quick enough, another time I use manual.
  13. Day after a gig? I'll realllly have to discipline myself. Strait home to bed after work, and no after work wobbely pops.
  14. Still would have cost my G-friend $150 for the remote. Anybody know if they charge for getting the remote programmed?
  15. 28th out for me. for a halloween party