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  1. ok, ordered 2nd strut, why push it!
  2. Looks like I don't need to as it's over boosted and with the other strut lifeless, it lifts the tail gate perfectly.
  3. The aliexpress strut arrived but only one instead of two. My mistake when ordering but the one strut has enough boost to life the tailgate. Not sure if it will last the winter or not though.
  4. I like the idea of the reflective tape. My wife would hate it but I really think it is something we need to do on this car if we don't change the color.
  5. haha, it for sure looks odd when you first see it and I had reservations about posting the question lol
  6. I'm really sorry to hear about that Willys. Almost got rear ended by a semi years ago and if I wouldn't have caught it in my rear view mirror, my family and myself would have been toast. Luckily I had enough room to floor it as we were first at the stoplight and could bolt enough to avoid it all. Very helpful about the wraps thanks. Was always wondering how long they would hold up after a few years. Last summer when we had 50+C here in and I bet wraps were shriveling all over the Province. My Wife really doesn't like the original dark blue/silver color and I can't find anyone selling all the plastics as one set to change it so a few decisions to make!
  7. Thanks. I will do some research to see if I can find someone here in BC that knows how to do a good wrap job.
  8. Is wrapping durable and can a wrap look like glossy paint? Never had a wrap before.
  9. lol, I need to search this forum more before posting obvious questions
  10. Sorry guys, thought I replied but noticed I didn't! Should have guessed it sits at an angle, but threw me off when I first saw it.
  11. Thinking of surprising my wife by getting her car painted pink. Not sure who would do it for a decent price. I live in BC and how would they paint it if it is plastic? Here is the color scheme I'm sure she would like. It's from a diecast model but really her type of friendly pink.
  12. I got my spectra oil pan today, looks like a quality unit but the drain bolt is on the top part of the pan. How would the oil drain if the bolt is on the top? It looks like 80% of the oil will stay in the pan or am I missing something?
  13. haha, oh well, I've had about 90% luck with stuff from aliexpress so the odds are still looking good...
  14. Yeah, I just checked and it was about $90 Cdn! I took a risk and ordered for $20 cdn which included shipping the ones from aliexpress. Probably crap or over pressured where the tail gate will fly open and bounce off my chin but have to give it a try knowing how so many brands throw their name on a product and then you find out they are just knock offs from China with a label anyway.
  15. Thanks for the link! Are they any better than the $16.00 ones at aliexpress?