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  1. 256 celcius is not too bad. Mine reads -56 C
  2. You could also get these ones
  3. Thanks for that link. BTW, I have FI clamps on the waistgate hose and they are a little too big and it feels like it could be tighter. Can anyone recommend something better to secure that hose?
  4. From standstill to moving it can shift a little abrupt as if the clutch actuator arm is traveling too far to make contact. Could that be the problem? What confuses me is that it is only when moving from a complete stop that it does this.
  5. SkyDiverChris, did you lube the waste gate really well and move it from side to side several times? The first time I did it, my problem still came back, but I found a way to move the arm even more by reversing the wrench so that it can open up all the way and now it doesn't go into limp mode ever, even up the new hwy 97 from vernon to kelowna. Tried this Hwy on Tuesday both directions and our little smart made us proud running up both ends in sixth gear and passing a lot of traffic.
  6. Any tips or pics on how to remove the upholstery without setting off the airbag?
  7. I changed the led backlight in my rpm gauge last year and I'm pretty sure I had to pull the tach needle to get to the back so I guess you could just pull it and set it back to zero. Maybe you will see something loose that allowed it to slip in the first place.
  8. Had a good run with the smart today. Seems to be about a 30% increase in power after lubing the alternator. It just fly's up the hills now like never before. I don't hear the whine from the alternator anymore and don't feel the drag when driving either. Next week I will take it over the steep pass south of Vernon on the 97 and see how she goes. If it continues to ride this good next week and does not revert to semi limp mode, then I'd have to say finally the weak motor problems that have plagued me for years is finally gone thanks to everyone here. Of course, now that everything is so good with the motor, the SRS light decides to stay on
  9. Mine went on today for the first time!
  10. Thanks Tolsen. I guess before Winter I will soak it again but more than I did yesterday. I wanted to spray more in there but just wasn't sure enough.
  11. I finally lubed the alternator today. Used fluidfilm with just two short squirts sort of above the winding. Not much space really to squirt there, but only two squirts since I was worried lubing too much. The second squirt I did see a lot of rust flowing back out mixed with the lube so that sort of tells me it went where it should have. After riding her around for 5 minutes, I can't hear that whine anymore so it seems like it really worked!!! Just hope I don't end up with a burned up alternator now
  12. Thanks Mike, that will be my next investment then since everything seems to be working again without any fault codes.
  13. That's why I originally thought, thanks for confirming that as i didn't feel comfortable just sparing in the windings as suggested before. I will pull the passenger rear wheel off and see if I can lubricate from that side.
  14. Anyone know if I need to have the motor running whilst spraying fluidfilm in the windings? I'm working on it today.