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  1. MB Toronto actually does have one listed for the Shift Motor. But it is the only one listed in the harness. I was hoping to find a part number for the other one to cross reference into the other MB listed connectors. I did try that. I was able to get the backside of it somewhat open to push a new wire into it beside the broken one. I still don't trust it for very long tho.. I know there are little pins that stick out to hold them in the connector, but I cant seem to get it to let go and pull the pin out.
  2. Well... with the nice weather today I was able to pull the harness and get a good look. I had 2 breaks.. the main one being at the connector that goes into the transmission. Not the gear position sensor, but its a 2 wire connector. Of course the break is right at the connector. I was able to fix it as a temp solution... but im going to need a pigtail. I know MB sells them, but does anyone maybe have a list of part numbers on the shifter harness pigtails?? I also need the shifter motor pigtail.
  3. While I appreciate the discussion around the clutch actuator rod. This is not the issue lol. However I think trying to weld into the small hole in the trans, into a smaller hole in the clutch fork would be a tricky task.
  4. Wondering if this ever got fixed? Having the same issue... also saw a 6 then down arrow and eventually N But I cant get R. Was it in fact wiring?
  5. I am actually thinking about the sleeve that glen has sorted out.. seams like the easier method. no shaving of the rod, and can probably secure it with epoxy. I think my issue now is Not actuator related tho.. I have read about software issues causing the no R shift.. but may be only 2008 years? I am a bit worried tho that this could be a clutch problem. Hoping for some more input ...
  6. OK! So I was able to figure out the teach, and it seems to have worked. Also... the recent "quik-Steel" fix from the other week did not stick. So i am sure the fact that it was moving around in the fork caused some confusion for the actuator. I need a better fix for the rod, and another teach and I think I will be good. EDIT!! - Drove for 15min, shifts nicely.. get home and goto R and I get a blank screen. Have to shut the car off and start it again, I can do 1st and 2nd etc.. but it wont go into R. Shifter motor?? Now.. while I have this Machine... is there anything else I should take care of?? Can I diagnose how much clutch is left etc...???
  7. I was able to get ahold of a STAR.. When I try to run the 3 actuator tests its says you have to turn the key off.. then back on. Most times when I do that It goes into a blank screen, or 3 bars. I have seen the word "fault" come up in the teach section after said tests. So I am guessing it wont even teach?? Or is there something i am missing. Is the teach in the test section or somewhere else? I don't have a ton of XP using this system.
  8. ... I feel like this is something I would have felt coming no? There have been zero issues shifting etc.. This just came out of nowhere. I am going to get a look at the actuator, as well as a possible re-teach and adjustment over the weekend. When the freezing goes away.
  9. I have had lurching in first gear upon takeoff in the past. It was caused by the actuator rod getting stuck in the hole in the clutch fork, and as it draws it back it bounces a little... I could mitigate the issue by slowly pressing the accelerator until i was fully moving.. I don't see how fuel could cause this issue. Even if it sucks in a small amount of air at a fitting etc.. it would maybe miss slightly.. but not lurch. It would have to be a lot of air to cause an issue i think. Have you inspected the clutch fork before?? 80000km seems a bit premature for wear, but I would get a look.
  10. Anyway to test or verify this before I drop $600 on a part? I thought days of replacing expensive parts ended with me parking the truck! lol!! Also.. why does it go into 1st but not into R if the actuator is in fact at fault? I have another actuator, but the collar broke that holds the rod, Can I swap the motor in the actuator?? I guess I can open it up to look at the gear.. QUICK UPDATE I just went out, and with the key on, engine off I can shift from N to 1 to R.. I hear very quick movement on the actuator and the number shows on screen. With the engine running not the same... it will go from N to 1 but when going to R i get a blank screen. After that it wont shift to anything. I did see a 6 and a downshift arrow in the sequence somewhere as well When I shut the engine off.. and look for a gear, I can hear the actuator going in and out a few times... It wont find a gear at this point and a series of key off... on.. shift etc will get it back to N. Is it under load that its having the issue?? Maybe it is the actuator...
  11. Saw a blue and black 450 parked right in the Foundry area of Toronto today.. had a trailer ball hitch on the back of it... so I know this person must be here!!
  12. OK so the car has been pretty good since coming out of retirement a few weeks back. I really haven't had an issue with the little guy till recently. Other day im driving along.. and I get a funny shift from 1st to 2nd with a blank screen... It was an anomaly and i figured nothing of it. Then yesterday I get to a job site.. park, and go about my morning. Someone asked me to move the smart, and when i looked to shift into R .. I got the blank screen again. No bars.. just blank. So I open the door, shut it off, turn the key and I can here the actuator sounding like its trying to pull itself back in to no avail. after a few clicks it stops... blank screen.. I cant get it to N, or R, or 1... the actuator wont move. My thought at this point is the hole is a bit worn and its stuck. Get a jack... and some QuickSteel pop the actuator off.. (as well as disconnect electrically) fill the hole and leave it for the day. End of the day.. starts up.. and I drive off without issue. About an hour later as I get home and goto back into my spot... no R again.. again the actuator making all kinds of noise, and a blank screen. So now this isnt making sense, its not the actuator stuck in the clutchfork.. I seem to be able to get it into 1st so I drive around the lot and get into my spot nose first. Check for codes and I have p0702. So if it goes into 1st... but not R, is this going to be a wire/connector issue? Or something else? I have replaced the gear position sensor a couple years ago.. and this is a used actuator I picked up also a few years ago... but I dont feel like the actuator is the prob. Thoughts???
  13. Is this happening while moving along? Or while accelerating from a stop? I would look into clutch actuator issues if its lurching upon initial acceleration.
  14. Yes Tolsen... Smart owners would... However that has not been done in the past, so now I will sort it out, and make sure to add it to the regular maintenance.
  15. Tolsen I imagine that we see more snow, and certainly more salt on our roads here in Toronto than you do. The tie rod end is factory and the rust build-up inside of that end is significant, I am almost certain this needs to be switched out. But i will take both of your advise and give it one more shot with some heat, and disconnected from the ball joint.