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  1. Well I will try my best to be there sounds great it is always a pleasure to see some fellow smarties. Sue will be working though I guess it is singles night for meSign-up List1. Bill (smartnhappy) with the Canada1 Smart car2. Liz & Glenn (Lilbit, smart142)3. John (jwight)4. Ken (KKSMART05)5. Dot & Ron (Spike, Leadwing)6. Ian Jay7. James & Dawn8. Danny9. Gordon (driving CHOCULA)10. Dave & Lu (TANK)11. Terry & Phyllis (smarting) 12. Don & Janet (DieselDon & A1karaoke) {tentative}13. jp14. big mike?
  2. No you do not have to arrive as a club. Just let the register person know who you are and they will give you a welcome packet and find a spot to park . I will try to get a spot were all the smarts can be together.
  3. Hi all!!!Yes there are lots of trees. A paved walk path that cars park on both sides along the river side . We will have vendors, penny tables, DJ for music, and a band. Bring your cameras for those shots of the big freighters in the background.There will be a duck race for 500 dollars, but we are all sold out . And for us smarties, Mercedes Benz of London will be giving a trophy for a peoples choice in the smart Car division.I will be going to a Car Show meeting tonight so I can let you know if there is any thing new.And don't forget to bring lawn chairs!
  4. Hi all! If you are coming as a club it is 10 dollars for the first car and 5 for the rest and because you are helping out my club I will take care of the registerations . I know you will be eating my burgers, and peameal bacon on a bun and beer, oh did i mention beer.