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  1. Well.. Glenn saves the day again! Turned out not to be a big deal after all, and it's working like a dream! Mark
  2. 170,000 km. Glen has the old girl now.. see what he says
  3. Hey all I'm checking with Glenn, but my transmission seems to be going (wouldn't engage from N a couple times, slipped while driving and the A disappeared). I'm curious what options are best in the KW area that people know about for when the Smart hits its end. I have never had to scrap a car before as this was the first I myself have owned, so any suggestions? Mark
  4. Hey all So a weird clicking / thud noise. intermittent, but usually when on bumps in the road, though it seems to be happening on just level ground too now. Started earlier this week, seems to be getting worse. I just had the front strut replaced a couple months ago.. wondering what you think it is / if it's okay to get it fixed locally or off to London for Glenn? Mark
  5. Truth told, this is the answer I was most hoping for. Thanks again
  6. Again I don't have the block heater, and don't know about any sort of charger option? Also, I live in a condo, so don't have access to an outlet there... what are my options?
  7. I should mention The block heater thing is not an option for me.. the connecting end broke off some years back.
  8. What does that mean? Put the battery on charge? I'm not sure what you're suggesting
  9. Hey all So, it's been pretty cold in Ontario last few days - pushing 30 below. My car wouldn't start at all yesterday, and today at a balmy -16 it didn't get going either. It did something I've never seen, where I turn it on, let the heating coil light go out, and try it.... chug chug chug.... nothing. I try a 2nd time, and it chug chug chug, but then the lights start clicking on and off rapidly, and sometimes a clicking noise continued.... Not sure if this means the battery is dead, or if, as I mentioned, it's due to the chill. My questions then are: What does this sound like to you various experts Can CAA jumpstart a smart battery? I have the package that allows for that... failing this Where / who can replace the battery that isn't Mercedes Mark
  10. See, This is where I'm embarrassingly bad with car stuff. What are the tire dimensions we need for smarts? I know there are two different sizes, but I don't know the numbers. Mark
  11. Hey all So, I've used TireCo in the past, but I'm wondering if there's a place that may sell me a set for cheaper (TireCo: $724.92) for a full set of winter tires. I have rims, but need a new set + installation. Mark
  12. The handle (driver side) pulls out and returns as normal. The door just kinda bounces open when I close it.
  13. Hey all So I know there was a recall and I had it done but my door latch won't close again - very annoying. Is this a thing they will fix at the dealer under the recall or am I heading out to London again?Mark
  14. So an update / praise! Just got my Smart back from London, Glenn and his partner were able to do the work and get my car running again for nearly 1/4 the price quoted. Running excellent, and I can't say enough good things! WILL repeat business with Glenn (smart142).Mark
  15. Hey Well so far this is sounding much better! Is there a mechanic in the KW area on here / anyone know of that I'd gladly take it to?Mark