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  1. Hey Uncle Glen !


    Hope all is well with you.  Christmas coming around the corner and I am booked solid.  I have all the lights working on the Smart Car and since I was at your place last I replaced my battery for a new one.  Today I took it out and after four starts the battery was loosing voltage and read 10.9 - 11.1 and the battery light went on.  I know it is not the battery,  Good observation on my part. LOL.  


    So based on your previous knowledge on these critters, what should be my course of action.  Question Mark does not work on this keyboard.

  2. Good information, Glenn. Thanks
  3. I will be looking at the Bolt when they come out. This changes the game for me for sure.
  4. I agree with Leadwing and appreciate what you do Glenn. The SMART should never of gone to the U.S. (as a gas vehicle). If they stop the U.S. market for the SMART they can then bring back the Diesel for Canada. An ideal market for Diesel and EV in Canada would work. Go back to basics and build the vehicle to last for ten years instead of the planned obsolescence after 80,000 kms.
  5. Update for KKSMART05 purchased April 1, 2005 (450) 205,000 Feb 1, 2016.
  6. I'd appreciate being informed on the location of a left front fender for my 450 "2005" ride. Grey in colour. A Kia backed into me and received $900 worth of damage. On my 450 the fender was pushed into the tire and two cracks on the fender resulted. I already plastic welded it from the back and it looks OK. Will refine it later. NBD. I am in Essex County, so if you see the part available, please let me know. Thanks Cousin Ken
  7. Currently my Smart has passed 200,000 km's and last mileage check was 75 miles for a Canadian Gallon. 11/22/2015
  8. Thanks to Uncle Glenn I have cruised nicely over 200,000 km's and look forward to the next 200,000 km's.
  9. Based on the information I saw, are you experiencing around the 62 miles per battery charge also? What is your daily comfort range for your vehicle?
  10. KKSMART05
  11. Good info to know. Wonder about T.O. ?
  12. KKSMART05 (157000). NOW (190000) km's...
  13. Hope Liz is feeling better soon.