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  1. A german guy has built some; EGR emulator
  2. How about checking Spritmonitor?
  3. @Bil: 3rd blob means 80C. My Smart runs at about 86C at 90 km/h (3C outside, front radiator not blocked). So I think your thermostat is broke.
  4. I like the 500. Except for the Windows logo. :-/ And except for the 100 HP engine that I had tested a while ago. It did not feel like 100 HP.I still prefer our "old" Fiat Punto 188 due to its CVT transmission. It makes me think that the engine has more than 80 HP when accelerating. And it makes me think that the engine is bigger than 1200 ccm when cruising at 1500 RPM @ 80 km/h.This CVT transmission in a Smart (or a 500) would be great!
  5. That is correct, but I regularly look at IAT on my Ultragauge EM these days.BTW, IAT did not rise much today on my 1st ride with the (almost completely) blocked cooler. But that typical drop to almost ambient temperature is gone, and so coolant temperature decreases more slowly now when driving at low engine load. Heat up time is also a bit better now, but only when the turbo is working. This means: I started at 0°C today, carefully drove until engine temperature reached 40°C (approx. 3 km as usual), then increased engine load little by little. Getting from 40°C to 85°C was a little bit faster today.The problem is: when I drive with low engine load for too long, IAT and coolant temperature are as low as usual. The cooler is cooled by the air that is flowing through it into the engine.Consusion: blocking the cooler is a nice idea and helps a bit, but only when driving in the heavy load range which means at least 80 km/h.Last Friday I drove at full speed (145 km/h) on the Autobahn for several kilometers with a half blocked cooler. IAT was below 30°C always. I do not think that blocking the cooler at low ambient temperatures will kill the engine. And I am sure that the electronic will decrease throttle when IAT gets too high. Other cars will do just that.Olaf
  6. I just did excatly that on my 451. IC is easily accessible on the 451 (picture here). I used carton from Amazon to block almost the whole IC except for the part below the fan.Olaf
  7. I think I got a misreading on my gauges. Actually, IAT is at about 5°C warmer than the outside temperature.To increase IAT, would it be sufficient to just remove the hose left to the air filter box? The engine would breathe in the warmer air from the engine compartment.
  8. I have no idea where the sensor is, neither at my 451 nor at the 450.Up early? Not really, it is 7.30am here. Time to get to work now.
  9. Looks like the Fiat Panda somehow.
  10. This morning we have -19°C outside. These days I learned how it feels to drive a CDI in Canada. I got a new (Wahler) thermostat and the plug, my CDI reaches 85°C - but only because I am driving at 80 km/h or faster every morning, and it needs about 15 km to reach it. Driving more slowly, it reaches about 75-80°C. According to my Ultragauge, IAT is >0°C when driving 80 km/h or faster because of the turbo.Talking about the thermostat: the Gates one is really nice. Faster heat up time and a little bit higher coolant temperature. But I had two that both broke after very short time.BTW, does the 450 CDI run at fast idle (1100 RPM) when it is below -10°C outside like mine?Olaf
  11. Got a refund today. Not only the cost of the thermostat, but also 107 Euro - the cost of the thermostat change at the Smart center. So I must say that Gates is a quality company. :-)Even a good company can have a bad day. It is about the way they handle customer complaints what makes me think of the quality of a company. That's why I do not like Apple products, but that is another story.
  12. You can add paddle shifters yourself, that is what I did to my 2008 Passion CDI. You need paddles - part no. A4512700058 wiring - part no. A4515460115 Then you have to unlock the paddles at Smart which is the most expensive part. More information here. It is in German, but with pictures. ;-)
  13. Hello Reinosmart,the Behr's performance got worse over time. When the coolant reached only about 70°C or so, I decided to replace it.I bought the thermostat from Gates because it is not Wahler and not Behr. The 1st one was really disappointing, but since Monday the 2nd Gates is installed. I am happy right now. Heat up time is not as fast as with the 1st one, but okay. Heating comes up quickly thanks to "the mod". My CDI reaches 90°C after a couple of kilometers, then the temperatur is always 88°C-95°C, depending on engine load. Nice! Olaf