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  1. It's a weird coincidence that I read this post this morning and that it just happened to me this afternoon. So a faulty brake switch is th problem? Could this cold and damp weather be enough to cause a bad contact of the switch? Should I just bring the car to the dealer? (I know, many questions, sorry :)2010, 22,000km
  2. Hi.This was probably discussed before but i did'nt find anything to help.When i lock or unlock the car with key/remote, the lights will flash rapidly. Does this indicate that the remote battery is almosr dead or is it something else?Thank's. 2010 smart 451.
  3. Am I getting something wrong here?As I am new here and new owner of a smart, I wonder???A new, off the lot pure is around 14000$ (plus tax, transport ect..) At 19,500$, a new 2010 highstyle seemed like a good deal.Mileage or not, it's a 2005.Am I missing something?
  4. Hello! I installed a bazooka type subwoofer. The tube was in my previous car and worked fine. It is installed the same way in my smart but there is a problem. The sound system works fine until I shut everything off. When I restart the car or turn the radio on again, there is no sound at all from the speakers or the sub. I have reviewed all connections three times and all is good. (left, right, positive, negative etc...) If I unplug the wires at the sub, (sound feed from speakers) sound comes back and I can replug the wires to the sub. Everything works t'ill I shut the radio off again. The easy fix would be adding a switch on the speaker line but I wonder if i'm missing something. Help anyone? Links, suggestions?Thanks.
  5. Hello to all.I'm just waiting to get my new smart, 7 more days... yippy!!!For the past 15 years, Volvo was ''the'' car to drive. But after extensive research and the wish to become more enviromentaly friendly in a safe commuter, my choise is a new smart highstyle 2010. I took a testdrive today. The winter tire equiped demo was out so they let me try the other one on summer tires. I pushed my luck (or so I thought) and found a backstreet covered in snow. I was amazed. ESC just controled my every effort to do doughnuts! Very safe i thought. I'll be laughing at the pump for sure. Anyway, hi again. Photo's to come...