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  1. Welcome to the club sweet daughter... I know how much you enjoyed driving my Smart Cabrio when we visited you in Montreal, now you are closer and we can drive our own smarts in the Moncton I know you enjoy it as much as I do. We are very happy for you... CABRIO R aka MOM.
  2. I think we should set up a SMART rental business in each province for us travelers so we don't feel so lonely without our SMART
  3. That's unfortunate, don't give up, who did you talk too?
  4. Hello SMART friends from Alberta, I was in Edmonton at the end of June for work. I had the chance to take a few days to visit around. It was the only province that I had not visited yet. I loved Edmonton and enjoyed Jasper so much. We took hundreds of pictures, half of the mountains and half of the wild animals along the road. We had great weather, my only regret is that I did not have my SMART with me... I had to visit in a rental and they do not have SMARTS for rent... but guess what, they only thing they have in Edmonton was pickup trucks... no cars available at all locations contacted during that week I hope I have a chance to go back and more time to visit since I would like to see more of the province. Cheers...Edith
  5. Our dauhter bought one from Tri Star Mercedes in Saint John NB, (same place as I did). She got it one month ago. They always have two cars on order, this way when you go in you can chose the color and options and they modify the order. It takes about max 3 months to get the car depending when you order it. It took 2.5 months for my daughter and she got what she wanted and is very happy about it. It is her first car, I was able to compare to mine, it is more powerful and I just loved it. (but I will keep mine ) She has applied for her $2000. rebate and should get it soon. They also had a few on the lot not promissed the at that time. If you are interested you could contact Marc Dietman, he is the best to deal with for a SMART.... good luck.
  6. He... you are all welcome to Grand Falls for a BBQ, just let me know when you are available.... I haven't seen you guys since last year... how are you doing. I will be on vacation for the whole month of August and I will be in Moncton for the month. If you are around send me a pm.... in the mean time the invitation for a BBQ at our house is always open...PS, our daughter got her new 2008 SMART one month ago... she loves it... she has now moved to Moncton so we can see her more often...
  7. Hi ARTZ, I am still waiting for my MB gift package... I am away a lot so I though that maybe it was delivered and I was not the way I saw you go by a few weeks ago when I was in Fredericton, sorry I could not say Hi...
  8. This sounds interesting Garry, I would be interesting, so keep me posted.
  9. Hi Everyone, I haven't been on the site for a long time... never home This is nice but very different. If there is a BBQ, let me know, I want to go again... See you soon. How have you been ARTZ and 42Kruizer....
  10. Well we made it to our daughters place in Montreal, we are tired but very happy. The whole relay experience was great. We met wonderful people. We now know that it takes a special type of people to be Smart owners... only the nicest people. Garry, I want to thank you for all your hard work. you are a devoted person... Once I get home, I will add some pictures to the site.... Garry I really enjoy my model Smart and I can't believe that my license plate was drawn just after I left.... but I know that someone else was able to get a Smart as well. Again thank you and we hope to see you soon....
  11. ARTZ, I will PM you my cell phone number, call me when you arrive in Perth Andover. We will make sure we meet you at the Grand Falls exit.
  12. Hi Herbie, I had made the arrangement with the RCMP to be available for 2pm for the photos. If you are not available before 3, I will see if I can postpone the photos. I will let you know. I will call you at home.
  13. Hi Julika... this sounds like a great plan, I don't think there is any problem for us to be in Riviere du Loup by noon. As for the rest I can translate for the others as we go along. thanks again and see you Monday.
  14. You are cruel.... giving that poor 42Kruiser a 7 hour route that can be done in 1 hr......I like that
  15. Hi ARTZ, I have made arrangement to have a RCMP in red serge at 2 pm at the park in Grand Falls. Is it possible for you to get here around 1:30 pm? If so we can meet you at the Grand Falls exit and escort you to the Park.