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  1. Check it out:
  2. yep, moving in a couple of weeks! Will be a sad day as we loved this place and community... bit it will for sure be nice to have a backyard and more space :-)
  3. My old cdi was around 4l/100km... mostly city traffic. The Vw should be around 7-8l/100km (still on my first tank after two weeks...). Turns out that we finally found a house we like and bought it :-) Glad I have a bigger car now to drive crap around. Cheers
  4. Hey, I thought some of you may get a kick out of this: One of our neighbors ( Adam Kreek) is currently rowing from Senegal to Miami! Here is a cool radio interview with him from today on CBC Cheers, Andreas
  5. Hi folks,It's about a week ago since I sold my 06 Smart car. Main reason was the limited storage and passenger capacity. Other then that, I couldn't complain at all. I'm now driving a 2004 2.0 VW Jetta. Here are my observations in how different those two cars are: - I have to drive less then a km till I have HOT air blowing and heating up the car. No heated seats needed! - Stereo system. WOW! I didn't notice how bad the Smart sound system was..... - Noise level. I can now have a conversation without raising the voice! No rumbling from the wheels either, just gliding along :-)- Available power: I know the Smart isn't a race car and was always fast enough for me, but what always bugged me was the delay in downshifting.... sometimes it was just plain dangerous how slow the smart shifted! Now I push the throttle and that thing just flys...- Trunk space.... well, don't have say much about it, other then I like it!- Parking: This is the hard part! I got so used to pull into small parking spots... Now I'm circling the block several times till I find something and usually also have to park further away... - Fuel economy: The Smart spoiled me, no question and I will certainly miss that.- Repairshop: I can now get oil changes for cheap! No super expensive oil required. And if I'm short on money, I can even get it fixed at Canadian Tire. But will try and avoid that... Overall, I love my new car but certainly miss the Smart..... btw, haven't had anyone tailgating me !!! Cheers and all the best ,you guys have been awesome and I hope we cross paths again :-)Andreas
  6. Right after I bought mine, I had some issues with the water in fuel filter light also... My interior light worked at it's own will also. After driving it for several weeks with the A/C blowing on the E-box it stopped and has never give me any errors again.
  7. Haven't bought anything yet... but working on a 2004 Jetta.... I will miss the Smart!
  8. I sold mine.... sad day... but life goes on--I guess...
  9. SOLD Hi, Selling my 2006 Smart Passion. Very clean and non smoker! ~66000km Features: Heated leather seats Heated electrical rear view mirrors Electric sunroof Under seat storage Trunk cover A/C works great! Sound package Two sets of tires: Summers front 70% rear 45% Winters front 90% rear 90% Trailer hitch for mounting a bike rack All services done by Three Point Motors. Last service done first week of January and past with flying colors! This is one of the rare trouble free Smart cars out there! I love that little one but it's time to get something bigger.... Please have a look at my posting here: Best way to contact me is through aschwalli......AT..... Cheers Andreas
  10. No way! I was chating with him on facebook today :-) He has some very nice wheels on his site!
  11. Check this out: Looks like a well stocked dealer! They even have engines for around $1200!!!!!
  12. I guess you are right, must have been with the special rebate!
  13. The leaf was advertised for $31.000 last week.... As far as I know, the smart goes for around $26.000? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. 57710 km :-) almost new
  15. I would buy the Nissan Leaf... it's more car for almost the same amount of cash...