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  1. Sorry for the very delayed response. The washer that I was talking about is the star lock washer that holds the spring down. A couple of the teeth wore out and no longer hold the spring compressed.
  2. The "lock" washer of my right hand door mirror broke and no longer keeps the spring compressed. Does anyone know the part number or where I can get a replacement? My only affordable option at the moment is to get a replacement unit from a wrecker as I don't care if the glass is broken or not.
  3. You can give this a try:Click on the Office icon (top-left) <Word Options (bottom of menu) <Trust Centre (bottom of list) <Trust Centre Settings <Macro SettingsThen select the required option (use Enable all macros for testing purposes)
  4. Now when will BC Ferries start giving us a discounted rate on the ferries? Last time I was on the ferry there was a Hummer behind me, we both paid the same price and I only used about half the amount of space.I think BC ferries should either start charging by the length (not just up to 20ft) or give smart cars priority boarding.
  5. Key

    My key that I ordered from ebay finally arrived! I went to a lock smith to get the key cut, they one of their blanks first to make sure it would work, then cut my mine. I paid $12 to get the two keys cut (only one with place for chip) and $15 to get the the key from ebay, while TPM would have charged me $90 for just the blank metal piece.I'll still had to pay $190 to order the chip from TPM (comes with the plastic shell as well).
  6. Key

    So I phoned TPM: The electronic inside for a 2006 coupe is $170 plus tax The key (including plastic) is $96 plus tax (I am not sure if that is the cut price or not) I am going to order the key from eBay, Key American sorce, I have contacted the seller and confirmed that is as shown in the picture.
  7. Key

    Thanks, I'll just give TPM a call.
  8. I have to ask this question again as my original post got deleted.Can you order just the electrical part of a 450 key from a dealer rather than the whole key? I know ordering the both parts is around $240, does anyone know how much each piece is separately? Thanks,
  9. I sent a PM to a guy in Vancouver about one yesterday. I am worried about shipping thought as it could be quite expensive to ship it to Victoria. Does any know how much the rack weights?
  10. I have a 2006 coupe and have been unable to find a reasonably priced bike rack. Has anyone here built their own bike rack using the OEM mounting holes? I have seen some examples online and thought that they might work. I got the idea from here: I currently have: One Thule side arm Two OEM tow hooks Two pieces of Aluminum "U" Channel Two Bolts with nuts and washers (I currently forget the sizes for the channel and bolts) I have also taken off the back panel off trunk and have added a metal bracket to the middle mounting piece (above the licence plate) to attach a support rod between the bike and the car. My plan is to attach the aluminum channel to the tow hooks, then attach the Thule Side arm to the aluminum channel. Does this sound like a dumb idea, or actually work? I have attathed top down sketch of my plan: Bike_rack_to_car.pdf The end result should be similar this: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  11. I noticed that the two current sales people at Smart Car Victoria (Cody and Daniel) have moved to Nanaimo. Does anyone know if TPM Victoria is getting a new Smart car sales team?
  12. Has anyone tried using the Master Craft drill pump for changing the oil? I got one for $10 buck when it was on sale a few months ago and have only used it for pumping water, but it worked great for that.
  13. I recently purchased a set of winter tires. I am wondering is it better to change them myself or just get TPM to change them for me?
  14. Sometimes when I walk through a store door the alarm goes off. It usually either goes off when I enter or when I exit but never both. Anyone else have any problems with the keys?