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  1. Hello!I got my light blue/silver 2011 Lightshine model a few weeks ago and it has been great! I park in the city a few days a week and I no longer have to worry about parking in seedy neighborhoods 5-6 blocks away from my destination. There are plenty of smart-sized spots waiting for me! I drive pretty equal parts of highway/city/suburb and got about 36mpg on my first tank. I've never looked forward to driving anything like I look forward to driving my smart! So far, we've successfully driven through extremely high winds, six inches of snow, and a downpour resulting in roads covered with several inches of water. Next weekend, I'll be taking her on an eight-hour drive to really put her to the test! I love the highline radio/nav system and being able to stream audio right from my iPhone without having to plug anything in. I was also happy to find out that my full size cello fits easily on the passenger side.