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  1. 2005 Pulse Coupe Diesel Yellow-green body on Black tridon KM: 106 284 - mostly hwy driving $4,500 Location: Alberta, Crossfield (Airdrie/Calgary) - A/C - Heated seats - Driver storage bin - Paddle shifters - Winter Tires - on rims - DIY Oil kit (pump)
  2. Was in an accident in my Smart about a month ago and it was written off. So looking to get another one.Low Km would be ideal, and under the $5000 range. I am in the Calgary area, but willing to pick one up within a couple hr radius : ) or possibly the GTA (I have family in the area). Thanks
  3. I was out of town this weekend, and Saturday morning I get a phone call from the Calgary Police. They found my smart car tipped on it's side. Some hooligans thought it would be funny to tip my baby over. Not quite the phone call I want to receive when I am out of time or at 9:30am. The cop mentioned he had it towed because I had belongings in it, and didn't want to risk those being taken. When I got back into town, went to the impound lot to see my baby. The cop said the side mirror was smashed and it had a few dents. I take a look at it, and my front and back panels are cracked with a few holes in it. Those are not dents people, there are holes. The frame and all looked okay, so we got in and attempted to drive it away. Nope. There was no power to the vehicle at all. Not even my key would work. We didn't bother trying to boost it, we just had to towed to Smart. We think there may be a safety mechanism that cut all power to the vehicle, or something (a light or alarm) were going off all night and killed all the power. It was sad to see my baby on the tow truck and looking all rough. I hope Smart can make it better. On the plus side, since they have to order new panels, I may change it's colour (currently Silver), I am thinking to change it to orange or black.
  4. I am looking for some rims for my 450... Although I am in Calgary, we will be driving through Manitoba in early Sept. So if the price is right, then we can pick them up on our way back to Alberta.
  5. I would be interested in attending an outting... I am also in the Calgary area. -Adrienne
  6. A place in Calgary to go other then the dealership would be great... I am a fairly new smart owner and today was my first time taking it into Lone Star... I was a little surprised with the $744 bill I got at the end of the day...That was for a Service A, new fuel Filter, and for them to take a look at why a few of my lights on the instrument panel were staying on... The largest cost was the Service A stuff...So in 8,000 km I hope to take it somewhere where the money I save on gas, doesn't all go to the maintenance :S
  7. Things seems to be going better with the car... Other then the doors occasional freezing (understandable in the -20ish weather we have been having).. I am having a blast driving it around : )
  8. I live in the Calgary area and just bought a 2006 Pulse that has just over 47,000 KM on it. Haven't been able to drive it much lately due to the cold. It has had a few issues: trouble starting, when it gets to cold the door's do not like to close. We have it plugged in, but we are starting to question the connection to the battery. The dealership says they put in a new one, but that could mean many things.As well, yesterday it displayed the warning light for the Water Separator. This leaves us wondering what the previous owner had done to it or the type of diesel that has been put into it. It would be nice to have some warm weather, so we can figure out whats going on with it, and what type of work it needs. We got warranty on it, but it's at a GM dealership, so we question how much they actually know about them. Anyway, I am pretty excited to join this group and learn\meet other Smart Car owners. I would love to know if there are any meet ups in Calgary (or Airdrie).Thanks : )