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  1. Thanks, I spoke to Joe 2 days ago too.Apparently, something is wrong with his telephone service provider and he said it had been straightened out.And yes, you are right, he's still available on weekends as well as weekdays evenings.Thanks for your reply!
  2. My Service A is up (86K now) and I picked up the phone to call only to find out that his number is no longer in service.His website's still up and all, but so far, 5hrs from sending him an email, there's no response.Please advise?
  3. In terms of gas versus diesel convenience, I was thinking along the same line too when I was a gas-only driver! Where the heck do I find diesel pumps!?!?!However, now I'm a happy diesel driver.What can I say, it's just like when driving on a familiar road, you automatically know when the next turn is, or where there's going to be a lane merge. When you drive a diesel, you'll learn where the closest diesel station is in no time at all. It's a lot easier than most gas-only drivers think. I've never had problems myself.I think all diesel drivers can testify to this.
  4. Wow, look what this thread had spun into!Smartarian sounds like a SUPER idea!I'm not technically inclined, but I'll help whatever I can. Giving stranded fellows a ride, bringing parts in from wherever, be a second pair of hands on panels removal, etc.!!!Please count me in!!
  5. Thanks! I'm glad that someone can benefit from this post
  6. The original quote I got from them was closer to $200 for the tire. They were talking with MB-Parts during then. I don't know why it ended up being $132.21. I think $200 might include MB's "service" of delivering the tire from their shop to Dettmer which I DO NOT regret not receiving .The guy I spoke with @ Dettmer (Curtis) did mention that he's toying with the idea of stocking some. However, I don't think it makes sense from a business standpoint to do so though. I'm a contractor (computer consulting), and my current contract lands me here. I also have another contract that I have to travel to Oshawa I don't get to pick my jobs but always thankful when there is one.I spent 4 years of my youth (university life) in K-W and I love this place.Then again, travelling from Toronto to K-W takes roughly 1.5hrs which is the same amount of time I would have spent if I were to travel from Downtown Toronto to where I live (near Finch station) during rush hour
  7. I sure am very impressed with them! One of the main reasons of this post is to compliment their excellent service! I have one of those too! However, I was under the impression that the Tire repair kit would create a mess to the rim and therefore I tried not to use it unless I'm absolutely stranded in the middle of nowhere and my life is in jeopardy staying any minute longer. In this particular case, because my tire is not entirely flat and I am relatively close to a tire repair shop (about 3km away from it), if I were asked to choose again, I still probably won't use it.And in this case, I didn't realise the tire is non-repairable until it's been taken off the rim. At that time, the tire people won't put the tire back on because of safety concerns thereby nullifying my shiny can of Tire Repair Kit again
  8. My story:On June 12, 2008, I realised a deflate (not completely flat, but you know something had punched it) on my left rear while I was taking a smoke break beside my car in the afternoon at work. (I work in Kitchener-Waterloo, and I live in Toronto, which is about 120km apart). So I figure, let's put the car to the tire repair place and have them fix it and pump it back up before heading home! So I thought.3pm in the afternoon, I pulled up the driveway of the tire repair shop (Dettmer) in K-W. There was a line up of a few people and finally at 3:45pm, they took my car in. They even pumped my tire back up so they can roll the car in without further damaging the tire (S-covering I know, but I took it as a very thoughtful act when the tech carried out his 50-pounder-portable nitrogen tank).They took the wheel down, and took the tire out.Apparently, there's a piece of metal that was stuck in my tire.However, I discovered teh damage too late and my side wall was scratched so bad that the tire must be replaced. For safety reason, Dettmer refused to put the damaged tire back on for me.Of course, with our weird dimensions, there is no where in town that a shop would stock it.The guys @ Dettmer were so kind that they call up everyone they know to find me a tire. No luck though :(Had to finally resolve to the closest MB-dealership (Victoria Star Motors) and it's 4:30pm, Parts Department closes at 5pm.MB-dealership had it in stock but their delivery vehicle was already out for their last run for the day.With only 3 wheels, I can't go home and I had no plans to stay in K-W for the night let alone I hadn't any means of getting from Dettmer to a hotel/motel.Dettmer called up a cab company for me who in turn went to the MB-dealership and picked up the tire for me (I paid for the tire with my visa card over the phone).Dettmer also closes at 5pm but they were so nice that they stayed behind to help me out!By about 5:15pm, the cabbie arrived with the tire and its receipt ($132.21) and charged me $22 for the cab ride my new tire had enjoyed I tipped they guy to $25 because it's rush hour traffic and given it's $22, for the distance, i think he didn't charge me on his way getting to MB-dealership.Dettmer worked like a race track pit-stop and I'm out of there before 5:30pm!With all these hard work and staying after hours, Dettmer only charged me $21.47 for the tire replacement and old tire disposal.I can only say, these guys put service way ahead of profit! A+++++ for them!Lesson learned.- Check your tires as often as you can, maybe a few times a day! (I would start doing it everytime I think of Jessica Alba)- There is no use of keeping a set of spare tires at home IF your tire failure happens at a distance further from your home than an MB-Dealership. When you are out in the waahzooo, a spanking new tire in your garage is not gonna save you.I'm $178.68 poorer now but figured it could have been worst if the Dettmer guys didn't help me out!
  9. Picking it up from kwaldron tonite! Thx for looking!
  10. Anyone selling? I'm willing to pay $30 including shipping. If you're anywhere in between Oshawa and Kitchener-Waterloo, I can drive over and pick it up too.Please PM.
  11. I've talked with Phil of Oakville again, and the $150 replace the 2 drive belts (he said those are the only belts in the engine) that's in the car. I've explicitly asked him what's gonna happen if the belts snap. He said the car will not move BUT nothing will be damaged when the belts snap. All I need to do is call up Smartmove and have them toll the car to the nearest dealership to replace the belt. I've cancelled my replacement for this trip then. Confirmed, $180 is for the water separator catridge replacement. $60 parts, and the rest are "estimated" labour. He said, it might costs less. Confirmed, that the "Brake Cleanup" is a flush of brake fluid and I've taken you guys' advice and will have it done for $120.All in all, Thanks all for contributing. I felt I've learnt tremendously from this thread!!!
  12. Thanks for the clarification, Ian!When I was typing my replies last nite, "drive belt" didn't sound right and I've forgotten about the term "Timing Belt"!!!Yes, I was referring to Timing Belt when I was talking about lifting the engine up.Glad to know that we're on chains though .