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  1. Oh my Goodness Terry That is Heart Wrenching, Please accept my condolences !!!!
  2. i Just watched it, i really liked it thanks for sharing it Mike now i have to get my Gf to watch it she hates the idea of me wanting another
  3. My Old Cdi Cabrio was cheap when i purchased it with 123K Km on her, she was an amazing car I feel my only regret was selling her because at the time i needed a truck for work.. well now i bought a brand new F150 for work 2014 but when that fully manual smart comes to our shores (fingers crossed and prays real hard) ill be buying one for sure !!! you cant beat the economy, the fellowship with other smart drivers, the funky nature and just the joy of driving one !!!!!!
  4. thanks mikei just have not logged in or posted in a long time
  5. My Name Is AaronI Sold my 05 Cdi Pulse Cabrio - Oh Sad Daybut im on the market for a new one :)thought id say hi and being gone over a year re introduce myself
  6. as we all know I sold my baby so I cried today cause I miss mine
  7. Welcome to the club
  8. Funny u would say that my uncle works in barrie and his car is always about and I recently moved just north of barrieI used to work at ferndale and tiffen at Krown and I know the VW place thereI'll definitely call him or drive by that's a great idea.Do u live in the area ? I'd love too meet up and chat about smarts
  9. Well mike was familiar with the troubles I had in the past. But my uncle had the " fibrerific mobile" his 451 Cabrio in the shop and we had a loaner 451 Cabrio white/silver tridion/ black roof/ and red interior with the touchscreen and I loved the exterior and interior collie systems But mike I'd have to agree I'm a diesel addict and I miss My car soo much I also miss the fact I could cruise at 120 down the 400 passing lobe it ! I never remapped my car thought about it a lot, ya thinking of a gasser based on me just seems stupid :)I have been looking on kijiji and auto trader and my cabri had 125k ish when sold But I have heard of people hitting 200k-400K on their smart CDI. I have found on kijiji. Some cabrio (s) almost the same as mine with half the milage for around 1-2K more than mine sold for. But who is too say they were properly maintained ? This situation has me worried I should have just kept and fixed my smart I hate car shopping and I miss the PVS mobile
  10. Or should I buy a new Cabrio ? Cause I like all the gadgets and I kinda want a remap on the gas my uncles is fast ! For a smart
  11. Hey guys, hey Ron. Hey Brit ! Hey Glenn hey mike! Ok got that out of the way. We know I had a CDI Cabriol at 125K I sold cause the upkeep was killing me and I lost my job Now I hate myself and want another CDI CabrioSo I know avoid pures not sure if the Cabrio ever came in a pure CDIAnything else I should look for and Km for a used CDi Cabrio. Would love the advice ! Miss u guys
  12. Thanks for the interest guysSold the car for a tad under my asking priceDriving a 2000 dodge ram 2500 ext cab short box24 V cummins love my diesels
  13. 1. Liz & Glenn.2. Ron & Dot3. Ralph & Monica4. Dave & Lu5. James & Dawn6. Aaron & ? Sure who my + 1 is
  14. P.s. Next time that's my next plan first. I have the radio code for the life of memo can't reset it. When I see u guys on feb 6th I'm sure someone can show me lol my snows arnt the best they are 7 year old continentals I'll get new ones in 2012 depending how long before my car decides it hates me again lol
  15. I have winter tires the root issue was a nudge from q civic lol I had MB clear the code and do some diagnosis it's driving normal now with a 50% chance of Working According to my smart service advisor who lucky for me Is an old friend if the car continues to run well I will be at the London February 6th meeting with 2 generations of presidents lol Glenn and Ron Cheers