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  1. Hi Mike, glad to be back! Unfortunately it took a misunderstanding to bring me back to my original digs I'm dealing with the people from the Fit forum and explaining what's going on and defending the smart as best I can haha. I'll keep things straight over there and prevent any more of this trolling over here.So far, the fuel economy in my Fit is pretty good despite being modified. Not as good as the smart mind you, but then I'd be comparing petrol engines to diesel engines! I hear the new smart is running petrol engines :(Maintenance is much better with the Honda, a lot cheaper than the smart was that's for sure. But it is a Honda right? Not a Merc :)Car is great, lots of great aftermarket support and a lot of fun to drive. I'm boosting my Fit this summer and will be running it in Auto-X and track days here in Calgary, so it should be a lot of fun! Not as much attention as the smart, but the additional room in the back with the magic seats is awesome!Not too many of us are happy with the new redesign as it looks more mini van than a proper small wagon. I believe the dimensions of the new Fit will be similar to that of the current one. If I was to guess, I'd say it'll be a bit bigger, but not by much. Interior is definitely much better in the new one, but the exterior...bleh...Not sure where the new one is going to be made, but the current one in Canada and the US is manufactured in Japan, not China. I would never buy a car manufactured in China until their standards go up.It's good that we all dislike the Yaris, so we can find some common ground! :PGlad to be posting up here once again, but I wish it was on better terms! We need to get a smart/Fit meet going sometime for a micro meet hahaha...any smart meets in the Calgary area anytime soon? I dunno, the Yaris was pretty horrid to sit in. And so is the Lancer, old or new! I like how the Fit sits, but some people aren't too happy with the stock seats. I've already replaced mine with a racing seat and it is perfect for me. Then again, I'm not as tall as some of you haha. I do have to say though, the smart does have the most leg room of all the compact micro cars. Can't tell you for sure, but I'm going to wager that it'll be a bit bigger than the current generation Fit. Definitely should get an 08 Fit before they bring in those ugly 09 ones
  2. Hi old friends! Not sure how many of you guys remember who I am, but I once was a forum member here (active enough to be a mod ). I did sell my smart to get a Fit mainly for the extra room. I can play fair on both sides of the field haha.Just to clarify things, the current Honda Fit is still manufactured in Japan for the North American market. China does manufacture Fit's but for their own market only.Both cars are great, lots of room for the driver and passenger in the smart car, but of course not as much cargo nor the luxury of a back seat. Still miss my old smart car and the reactions I got when I passed those stupid SUV's here in Calgary Cheers everyone, lets all play nice! We are on the same team but with a different bat that's all hehe
  3. So they finally made these for the smart! FWIW, I had these on my P5 and they are awesome! I actually just got a set of window visors from Honda Access in Japan for my Fit.
  4. So now, the list looks like this: 1) smartzuuk - passing through 2) RoySkyBell 3) Genizah 4) Dang 5) Pulsating 6) bsmart (maybe jr. bsmart and mrs bsmart) 7) smartmom & spouse or sidekick robodave (maybe) 9) canchick and passenger 10) Rick Danger - a difinite MAYBE for a short stop 11) Illusive 4-2 (MB) 12) 13) 14) I will have to see now...the World Cup game between Argentina and Ivory Coast is on at 12:30. If the game ends when its supposed to, I will be able to make it...otherwise I won't as I have to watch this game!
  5. 1) smartzuuk - passing through 2) RoySkyBell 3) Genizah 4) Dang 5) Pulsating 6) bsmart (maybe jr. bsmart and mrs bsmart) 7) smartmom & spouse or sidekick 8) robodave (maybe) 9) canchick and passenger 10) Rick Danger - a difinite MAYBE for a short stop 11)Illusive 4-2 12) Idle threats eh RSB? I WILL make this one, watch me! I haven't had good ice cream for a while...I might drag along another Fit with me for this trip, hope you guys don't mind. One of my Engineering friends brother just got his as well
  6. oooo is that a challenge? I have to work this saturday, which means I will be free next saturday...I'll show up...just watch
  7. looks like I won't have to work on June 10th, I am 99% sure I can make it for this one, as long as I'm still allowed to join you guys in my Fit
  8. I really wanted those wheels for my smart...they look awesome!!!
  9. now all you need Duck is a speech bubble coming from the grille that says "RAWRRRR"
  10. Well since TFM already has a black smart, just go out and buy some pucks in bulk and JB Weld or superglue them onto your panels, then it will look like a lego car haha!
  11. #3 - Calgary
  12. hmmm might be able to make it...all depends on when I work now...if I can I will be there for sure in my Fit...
  13. scan it lol
  14. thats the best cigarette plug thingy I've seen! Where'd you get it???