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  1. Congrats & to the club!
  2. Looks like we're not going to make it this Saturday . Have a great time everyone!Pancake breakfast is early in the morning, at the Lambeth community centre.Parade starts at 10AM.BBQ is later in the afternoon, at Glenn & Liz's home.Pancake Breakfast Signup:1) Bill2)3)4)5)6)7)8)9)10)Parade Sign up:1. Liz & Glenn2. Ron & Dot3. Pdl Jmpr & DieselDon4. Elaine & John5. Dave & Lu6. Bill7. John & Nell8. Signup:1) Liz & Glenn2) Bill3) Ron & Dot4) Elaine & John5) Dave & Lu6) John & Nell7)8)9)10)
  3. We got our first tank over 600 kms. 641kms on 32.55L for our gasser. Not as good as diesels, but that makes a combined hwy/city (65% city) on that tank of 5.1L/100. We happy! I don't know how, but the FE keeps getting better and better.
  4. We waxed our car twice this year with Nu Finish. Came out beautifully. Super shiny and easy to keep clean.
  5. I didn't test drive it. Just found the article online. Even tho I drive gassers, diesels (especially clean diesels) peak my interests.
  6. Mazda turns to diesel powerRUSS BONDPublished: 19 08 2011When you think of diesel power, Mazda is not exactly the first company name that comes to mind. But in fact, Mazda has been producing diesel power since 1982, making its first appearance in the 626 – although not in Canada.Recently, Mazda unveiled its new Skyactiv D powerplant that will come to Canada in summer 2012, according to Mazda, in the new Mazda6 or CX-7.A closer look at the new Mazda Skyactiv D shows some real differences over current diesel models.View more auto newsFor instance, the new Skyactiv D meets Tier 2, Bin 5 standards without using an ‘after treatment’ like some of the current diesels out there that use Urea canisters that have to be refilled as part of the regular maintenance schedule.What Mazda did was focus its attention on the combustion timing and mechanical loss of energy. The Skyactiv D features the lowest compression ratio available in a diesel at 14:1. By comparison, Volkswagen’s TDI is 16.5 to 1 and others can be as high as 18:1. A lower compression ratio is ideal, but it has challenges Mazda had to overcome. The main issues are knocking and cold starts, including misfires.Mazda has overcome these issues with piston design along with a very unique variable valve lift system for the exhaust valves which is used to pre-heat the combustion mixture during warm up stages. Piezo injectors and ceramic glow plugs are also used.By making these advancements, Mazda has been able to lighten the components within the engine in order to save weight.I had the chance to drive the new Skyactiv D and found the diesel powered prototypes more powerful and smoother than their gas powered counterparts, with the traditional diesel noise all but gone – very impressive.The benefits to you, the consumers are numerous with the Skyactiv platform from Mazda. The diesel power is world class, including a 5,200 rpm limit that gives the diesel a wider range in which to work.There really is nothing not to like about it.
  7. Pancakes & bbq!! Oh yeah!! We're in! Hosted by Liz and Glenn.Sign up:1. Liz & Glenn.2. Ron & Dot3. Pdl Jmpr & DieselDon4. Elaine & John5. Dave & Lu6. Bill7. Jay & Tracey8.
  8. Congrats and
  9. Totally agree with you Ron. It was definitely good times. It was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. Thank you Bill for setting everything up for us. Hope to see you at the next one.
  10. That price at Toyota probably includes the labor for them to apply it for you. We have the same thing here, $29.95 done through our service department. But you can buy the product through the parts department for $10 and do it yourself.
  11. Finished off a custom install of some LED driving lights today. My first custom fab in 10 years. Before and after.
  12. My dealership sells them here in Kitchener, ON. But I don't know where they sell them in B.C. It is a great product, lasts roughly a year per application.
  13. Congrats and